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CYT Premium

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Product Description

CYT PREMIUM gives you full access to all of the following + all archives:

  • STATE OF THE MARKET: Read our Founder’s take on the current “State of the Market” each week and gain insight into the Daily, Weekly, and *Monthly action of the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and NYSE, and everything “Under the Hood” including stocks making New Highs vs New Lows, ChartYourTrade’s UNIVERSE performance, ChartYourTrade’s Ready List Performance, MarketSmith’s Growth 250, and more!
  • TOP 10 SETUPS IN BASES: This is a heavily vetted list of the top setups our Founder has discovered each week.  Each stock on the list is ranked, rated, and has accompanying annotated daily/weekly charts.  The charts outline the bases, classic pivot points, advanced pivot points (when applicable), support/resistance, and our Founder’s personal notes.  Every week our Founder pours through the Universe list in search of fundamentally strong stocks setting up in primary base patterns and secondary patterns.  Those stocks setting up in primary base patterns are put through ChartYourTrade’s “Stock Evaluation Guide” and a rating/rank are produced.  The “*Top 10″ are depicted here.
  • READY LISTThe “Ready List” is comprised of all of the stocks in bases that did not make the “Top 10 Setups in Bases,” stocks just out of bases, as well as stocks setting up in secondary patterns.  Each stock on the Ready List is accompanied by annotated daily/weekly charts.  The charts highlight the following as applicable: bases, classic pivot points, advanced pivot points, secondary patterns (3 weeks tight, pull backs to the 50dma, pennants, triangles, etc…) support/resistance, and our Founder’s personal notes.
  • BONUS FEATURES: CYT Premium Members are eligible to receive exclusive bonus features such as access to premium tools, discounts on all CYT branded products/services, discounts on affiliate products/services, and more!


*Monthly action is analyzed in the “State of the Market” at the end of each month.

*On a rare occasion, if the market is offering less than 10 stocks that pass our fundamental criteria and are setting up in primary bases, the “Top 10 Setups in Bases” will be less than 10 stocks.




    I’ve know Michael for a couple of years. I am proud and honored to call him my friend.
    I had signed up for Market Smith and he was already adept at using this tool so I took to him like a duck to water. He was always very generous sharing his hard earned knowledge with me. I feel like after two years I am only scratching the surface of what this amazing tool can do. Michael was already very adept with it but he has continued to hone his process and in my humble opinion, is a true Market Smith. He is always refining his process and I have seen him grow into a very fine analyst and trader. He really is quite an amazing man!
    I’m sure he can recite chapter and verse the O’Neill book “How to Make Money in Stocks” and he is constantly on the lookout for good traders. I really like that rather than shun them, he embraces them, incorporating what works’ into his process and leaving the rest. Michael has told me many times there are hundreds of ways to be successful but you need to find a process that works for you and stick to your rules. Write them down and read them often. Keep a diary of your trades and if a trade doesn’t work as you thought it would go back to your rules and if you followed your rules it was a good trade. Breaking the rules will sooner or later be the end of your trading career.
    Well now Michael has now embarked on another journey. He has introduced a Premium Service to his Chart Your Trade web site. All I can say is it is one of the best sites I have found. His “State of the Market” is an essential read for me every weekend because if the market conditions are poor, the probability of buying a breakout stock is lower. As Michael likes to say we want to keep the probabilities of our trades being profitable very high. Ergo, I find his analysis of the market conditions to be an invaluable tool for me.
    Also included in his Premium Service is in depth analysis of select stocks that clearly and simply show what he is seeing and why a certain stock should be on your watch list. I carefully review his annotated analysis and I always learn something new.
    If you think this is just another guru site – think again. Michael is not fishing for you; he is showing you how he fishes. Embrace his rule based process and use his process as a tool or template that empowers you to develop your own process.
    Michael’s Premium Service is not looking to create an army of clones that would have you buy when he says and sell when he says. He wants you to develop your own process. He is not a pretend guru. That is what I find so compelling about his Premium Service.
    What more can I say? If you’re not sure this service is for you, give it a try for a week. I’ll bet you will be back for more.



    About one year ago i stumbled across Michaels website and ever since then its been a regular routine along with IBD. From day one of my initial visit i knew i had found a home, a site in which gained my interest with its wealth of information, detailed charts, and friendly atmosphere. Being a primarily small cap trader from the past CYT gained my attention as i had moved into a position that i could no longer daytrade and was forced to look at other options. Although i have swing traded in the past Michaels site was very informative and fit my schedule for high growth stocks, supported by great fundamentals, that i could feel comfortable holding over night. I have been in close contact with Michael over the last year, and have built a nice friendship. I feel that anyone who is serious about investing or trading needs to take the time and venture into CYT . Its by far one of the best choices i have made in quite sometime. Michael i want to thank you for all you have done and look forward to a lasting friendship. LT

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