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The Challenge

  1. TIME: Performing your own market research can be extremely time consuming, often upwards of 20hrs/week.
  2. NOISE: There is a ton of noise in the market, in the media, on social media, and it’s difficult to sort through it all and know figure out what is truly relevant.
  3. FRAGMENTATION: Most trading resources are scattered, forcing you to go to multiple locations.
  4. RELEVANT EDUCATION: There is a lot of education about trading capital markets out there but there isn’t much out there that shows you how to do it efficiently or from a part-time perspective. There is also little assistance to take what you’ve learned and help you put it into practice.
  5. MEANINGFUL DISCUSSION: You want to discuss trading within a likeminded community but need more than 140 characters to do it.

The Solution

    1. Research: the new ChartYourTrade MRI allows you to scan for leading stocks, assess market health, identify sector rotation, and more all at the single click of a button!
    2. Analysis: we offer concise unbiased market commentary on the market, stocks setting up in technical patterns, and organize it in a quick and easy way
    3. No Guessing = No Noise: We don’t make guesses or predictions about the market. We let the market tell us the direction it is headed through its own behavior and trends.
    1. Organization: Once you log in to ChartYourTrade, all of the research, tools, and analysis is at your fingertips. We even offer live streaming charts and calculator to help you determine the optimal position size for your trade.
    2. Learning & Doing: We educate and help you put what you’ve learned into practice. There is no one right or wrong way to trade but there is a right or wrong way for each of us.  We all trade differently and it’s important to find a way that works best for us.  ChartYourTrade is here to help.
    3. ChartYourTrade Community: real traders, real conversations, no character limits. Learn from one another and easily share your ideas across social media platforms.


Plans and Pricing

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  • Trading Tools
  • ChartYourTrade Community
  • Excerpts of Analysis from our Founder
  • Trading Routines
  • Rules & Signals
  • Suggested Reading List
  • Universe List
  •  ChartYourTrade MRI
  • Reports highlighting Sector Rotation, Market Health, Advance/Decline
  • Full State of the Market Analysis
  • Ready List of Stocks Setting Up
  • Top 10 Set-ups in Bases
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  • Trading Tools
  • ChartYourTrade Community
  • Excerpts of Analysis from our Founder
  • Trading Routines
  • Rules & Signals
  • Suggested Reading List
  • Universe List
  • ChartYourTrade MRI
  •  Reports highlighting Sector Rotation, Market Health, Advance/Decline
  • Full State of the Market Analysis
  • Ready List of Stocks Setting Up
  • Top 10 Set-ups in Bases
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Bronze Membership

If you’re new to the markets or new to ChartYourTrade, ChartYourTrade BRONZE is for you. Here you’ll receive information on how to begin your trading journey successfully. Trading is a skill anyone with the willingness and fortitude can learn. It requires time, effort, and study, but is a worthwhile endeavor that can provide benefits for a lifetime.

Trading Routines

The routines outlined here are our Founder’s trading routines from when he began his trading journey and traded part-time while simultaneously managing a separate full-time career.  The routines are designed to maximize efficiency for the part-time trader while also serving as a learning tool robust enough for the professional trader. 

ChartYourTrade Community

One of the best ways to learn and grow as a trader is to actively share your experiences with other likeminded traders.  Your conversations stay here forever and they don’t get lost in the noise (which easily happens in other forms of social media or chat rooms).  Here you can ask questions, discuss trade ideas, methods, strategies, even upload images up to 1MB!  Our Founder is active on these boards and responds to trading related questions here.

Sample Analysis from Our Founder

As a ChartYourTrade BRONZE member, you will receive access to samples of the State of the Market, Ready List, and Gainers on Volume.

Suggested Reading List:

There are literally 1000s of Trading and Investing related books out there.  The ones listed here are the ones we have found to be the most useful and worth your time.

Trading Tools

ChartYourTrade offers a wide array of tools designed and used by our Founder to help you in your trading. Tools include Position Sizing Calculators, Trading Logs, Trading Journals, Stock Evaluation Guides, and more!


Silver Membership

Need to shave a few hours off your trading prep time? Then ChartYourTrade SILVER is for you. ChartYourTrade SILVER provides you with access to the most innovative scanner on the net, the ChartYourTrade MRI (Market Research Intelligence). Here’s what it can do:

9 Custom Designed scans to capture the strongest stocks from both fundamentally and technically

An Ideal Scan that you can overlay any of the other scans to see by what percentage the results of the other scans pass the ideal scan!

Charts built into the scan to help you quickly identify which stocks are setting up

Monitor Market Health based on the results of the scans (scan results expand/contract with market health)

Universe List: A compilation of all of the stocks we’re interested in and all of the stocks which pass our scans each week.  Monitoring the list as a whole provides us with key information about the overall health of the market as well as sector rotation.

Identify Sector and Industry Group Rotation

Track the number of New Highs vs New Lows being made on the NYSE and Nasdaq

View the results of all scans run simultaneously 

Export the scan results to Excel

Gold Membership

If you’re looking for some of the most robust market commentary on the net without the fluff, the best setups for individual growth stocks with advanced pivots, support/resistance levels highlighted, personal notes on each, AND to save time by having the bulk of the heavy lifting done for you, ChartYourTrade GOLD is for you.

State of the Market

It’s a fact that the majority of stocks follow the broader trends of the indexes. It is therefore imperative to have a strong grasp of the State of the Market regardless of the methodology you follow. Our State of the Market aims to provide a snapshot of where we are presently each week both on the surface (via the indexes) as well as “Under the Hood” on daily, weekly, and monthly time frames.

Some of what we highlight on the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and NYSE includes the following bullish/bearish action, as well as support and resistance levels:

  • Accumulation days
  • Follow through days
  • Time spent above (or below) key moving averages such as the 50dma, 21dma, and 10dma
  • Moving average crossovers
  • Distribution days
  • A running Distribution Day Count
  • Distribution clusters
  • Stalling days
  • Trend lines
  • Support/resistance levels
  • Accumulation/distribution weeks
  • Larger consolidation patterns
  • Much more…

Some of what we highlight “Under the Hood” includes:

  • New High vs New Low analysis on NYSE and Nasdaq
  • Advance/Decline of stocks on the ChartYourTrade Market Research Intelligence (MRI) & Ready List
  • Expansion/Contraction of the ChartYourTrade MRI and Ready List
  • Types of stocks setting up (early stage, late stage, secondary setups such as 3 weeks tight, pull backs to the 10wk line, etc…)
  • Sector rotation
  • Sectors setting up
  • Much more…

Ready List

ChartYourTrade’s Ready List analyzes every stock that is setting up from the current Universe List.  Setups include:

  • Classic primary bases (cups, cups w/ handles, double bottoms, flat bases, ascending bases, etc…)
  • Non-classic patterns (triangles, pennants, decreasing volatility bases, inverted head and shoulders, square box bases, etc…)
  • Secondary setups (3-4 weeks tight and pull backs to the 10wk line) 

We provide commentary on each stock making the Ready List and highlight classic pivots, advanced pivots, additional support/resistance levels, relative strength analysis, and more!

Sectors Setting Up

In addition to stocks setting up, we also analyze which groups are most abundant on the Ready List as these often warrant special attention.  We provide this as well as an overall “feel” of the list provided by our Founder.

Top 10

ChartYourTrade’s Top 10 Setups in Bases analyzes every stock that is setting up in a primary base pattern that has made it onto the Ready List and puts it through our rigorous Stock Evaluation Guide (available as a free download to BRONZE level members and higher). 

The Stock Evaluation Guide aims to analyze all stocks in primary bases on an apples to apples basis to generate a raw weighted score.  It analyzes the technical base, fundamentals, industry group, and ownership of a stock.  The raw score produced is a reflection of how many flaws (or lack thereof) we were able to find with a particular stock.  The higher the score, the fewer the flaws discovered by the Stock Evaluation Guide. 

The Top 10 is simply the 10 highest rated stocks for the week.  Just like stocks on the Ready List, we provide we highlight classic pivots, advanced pivots, additional support/resistance levels, relative strength analysis, and much more!

Sector Analysis of Top 10

We provide commentary on the sectors appearing in the top 10 as it is a reflection of the overall State of the Market and helps depict breadth, concentration in a particular sector, rapid advancement of a particular sector, and more!