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Right now, other people are making money in the market (lots of it) & you're not.
Ever wondered what they're doing? Both of you are trading in the exact same market, only they are making money and you're not...

The answer is REALLY simple

They know how to use information better than you… That’s it.
Think about it:
  • They know which stocks to buy (Information you don’t have)
  • They know when to sell before stocks fall hard (Information you don’t have)
  • They know how to manage risk (Information you don’t have)
  • I was in your exact shoes 20 years ago

    I know exactly what you’re going through.
  • You have the desire to learn but get overwhelmed at all the information out there
  • Even when you get the information you don't know how to use it properly
  • You're passionate about beating the market- but it keeps beating you
  • You want this to be your full-time gig but you aren’t making enough money from it
  • You almost feel like you’re gambling NOT trading
  • It’s taking time away from the things that really matter in your life, like your family.

    I know all these things because I was in your exact shoes 20 years ago!

    I am now a full-time trader and live life on MY TERMS. I am also a Forbes contributor with over 3,500,000 views online. I have been quoted countless times all over the major financial media including, Barrons, WSJ, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. I am now living the life that I want, on my terms. I have escaped the rat race
    Ready for the best part... If I can do all this with just a desire to learn, imagine what you can do.

    And get this… I don't even have a degree in finance.
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    I have an easy to follow blueprint that tells me everything I need to know about the market.

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    I created this blueprint to help structure my trading, I learned how to manage risk, I learned how to use the information better than my competition, and I spend the vast majority of my time buying the strongest stocks in the market - EARLY.

    I use the same information we all have access to better than my competition. I do this by focusing on the factors that I can control and I look forward not backward when new data is released.

    That's how I win & how you can too.

    This blueprint is an absolute game-changer.

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    The service has paid for itself within the first month. The information they provide is priceless... They follow the market closely and are always in communication with the clients. Highly recommend it to any serious investor/trader.

    Ella Perez

    Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

    I have been searching for a service I can trust for several years and finally have found your service that actually teaches the ins and outs of trading with outstanding ideas. My whole family thanks you!!

    Mark Kane

    Software Developer

    The service is great for finding great stocks and identifying proper entries to get in and stay in for the big moves. Other trading systems require watching a screen or frequent trading. This system can be followed with little time commitment.

    David Robert

    HR Manager

    The service has allowed me to stay in step with the market and continue to invest my own money rather than handing it over to a financial institution. The only difference is I am making money! My account went up over 20% in the first year. Thank you Adam and I look forward to learning from you in the years to come.

    Anothy Lacona

    Flight Attendant

    Your service completely changed my trading. I went from a beginner with no trading system and losing money to developing a trading system based on the newsletter in less than a year. FLS newsletter saved me years of losing trades by speeding up my learning process exponentially. The win rate is incredible as I have produced huge profits. I now feel confident by using what I have learned from Adam and Mike’s charting skills to find and place my own trades. Also, Adam and Mike both have demonstrated that they sincerely care about each subscriber as demonstrated in the excellent customer support and the energetic and caring attitude seen in the newsletter and in videos.

    Bob Wineman


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    Limited Time Offer

    *Free Gift - 1-Year Subscription To Forbes With Every Annual Purchase

    A.K.A. Find Leading Stocks Report

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    Regular Price: $300

    Then Billed At The Annual Rate – $19/week No Contracts. Cancel Anytime


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