How to Create Your Own Trading Journal in Excel

Why create a trading journal? A key tool most successful traders use is a Trading Journal. The reason we keep journals is so we can easily go back and review past trades and figure out what went right, what went wrong, and attempt to figure out why. There are many different ways that you can […]

How to Create Your Own Trading Log Template

  The Market is our greatest teacher… For trading and investing, it is often said that the market is the greatest teacher.  If that is true then it’s imperative that we take copious notes!   Benefits of a Trading Log Template: For those of us who prefer paper logs and journals, are not in front of a […]

How to Create Your Own Stock Evaluation Guide

Stock Evaluation Guide…What’s the Point? For quite some time, I found it difficult to properly weigh one stock against another even while looking at it through lens of just one trading methodology (in my case CANSLIM).  In any trading methodology, there are numerous elements which play a role in the evaluation of a stock.  But […]

Learn How to Build a Universe List in 3 Easy Steps

Today you will learn not only How to Build a Universe List but also about the vital role they play in our trading and how they can even help us assess the overall State of the Market.    In this article we are going to discuss: How we build our Universe, what it’s made of, and […]