4 Fatal Trading Mistakes to Avoid

  There are many mistakes that traders make.  I feel as though I’ve made them all at some point. Here I discuss the 4 Fatal Trading Mistakes that you must avoid in order to achieve success in the stock market. They include:   Mistake #1: Listening to Gurus.   Hone your skills and listen only […]

How to Identify Relative Strength When Buying Stocks

How to Identify Relative Strength When Buying Stocks

Stocks with high “Relative Strength” means that these stocks are outperforming the market.  They are beating major averages such as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ.   When stocks are displaying relative strength consistently, take notice!  You can then take advantage of these opportunities when they arise.  That’s what the market is about – making ourselves available for […]

How to Be a Part-Time Trader With a Full-Time Job

Over the years your life changes and therefore your trading strategies will need to adapt in order to take advantage of the market.  When a major life events happen, such as getting married or having a baby,  you need to know what you can expect from yourself and your trading and how much time can be dedicated.  […]

Focus on Risk Management and You Will Win | Why I sold AAOI 2 minutes before the close

If you want to win in the stock market, the key is to focus on risk management! A stock that I had been actively trading for several months during its run was Applied Optoelectronics (Ticker: AAOI).  We even discussed this trade and the idea around it during my NASDAQ TV appearance in May: https://chartyourtrade.com/can-the-ma… For […]