How to Be a Part-Time Trader With a Full-Time Job

Over the years your life changes and therefore your trading strategies will need to adapt in order to take advantage of the market.  When a major life events happen, such as getting married or having a baby,  you need to know what you can expect from yourself and your trading and how much time can be dedicated.  Strategies and tools will help part-time traders succeed at taking advantage of the market.

Here Are Some Strategies On How to Be a Part-time Trader With a Full-Time Job

Take Advantage When the Market is Sleeping:

How to Be a Part-Time Trader with a Full-Time JobSelf-awareness is key to understanding why you trade.  You need to understand where you are from a trading education standpoint and where you are at an emotional and environmental standpoint.  When I got married and had my child, it turned my trading strategy upside down.  I didn’t have the same time to dedicate to my trading that I had prior to that life change.  Now that I was balancing my full-time job and family life,  I ended up adopting Nikolas Darvas’s strategy of trading part-time.  He was a legendary trader who traded part-time and was a full-time dancer who traveled the world.  He would study the markets on nights and weekends.  I adopted a similar approach and I take advantage of the market when the market is sleeping.   

Place Orders That Trigger Automatically During the Trading Day:  

I set my trading plan so that I don’t need to look at the markets at all during the trading day.  I place working orders with brokers and have buy stops in place.  So, if a stock crosses “x” price, then I’ll be in at that price.  Same thing with my exits.  If a stock falls below “x” price, then I’m out.  I don’t have to worry what is going on in the market during the day because I’ve already figured out my plan.  The plan is setup to execute automatically.  I just need to make updates to the plan at night and on the weekend.   

Utilize Tools to Automate Process:

In order to determine the stops, I need to do my research and figure out at what price I am comfortable getting into and out of the trade.  I take advantage of the Advanced Stock Reports that Adam Sarhan writes for both trade ideas and trade management.  Having a service like this really cuts down on the amount of time needed to successfully navigate the market.  


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May 2017 Webinar w/ Adam Sarhan


Topics Discussed:

  • Big Picture: where we’re at, where we’re heading, and why
    • Indexes: S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow, Russel
    • The Street: Attitudes from big money managers, VIX precedent
    • Commodities and Currencies
  • Sectors and Industry Groups
    • What’s hot, what’s not, and why
  • Individual Stocks
    • Stocks that have appeared on our Elite Stock Setups
    • Stocks we’ve purchased for the model portfolio
  • Trade Management
  • Advanced Entry Points
  • Risk Management (identifying support levels/where to place our stops)
  • Much, much, more!


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