Perspective on the NASDAQ Bull Market

    A lot of people are afraid that the NASDAQ’s Bull Market is getting long in the tooth and is long overdue for a major pullback. In this video I offer a bit of perspective based on where the NASDAQ has come from going all the way back to 1985. To sum it up, […]

May 2017 Webinar w/ Adam Sarhan

  Topics Discussed: Big Picture: where we’re at, where we’re heading, and why Indexes: S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow, Russel The Street: Attitudes from big money managers, VIX precedent Commodities and Currencies Sectors and Industry Groups What’s hot, what’s not, and why Individual Stocks Stocks that have appeared on our Elite Stock Setups Stocks we’ve purchased […]

A glimmer of hope – why I’m still bullish on stocks… 04/13/2017

Am I nuts?  Time will tell… Stocks have been consolidating for the past month and a half.  Distribution days have been piling up in a hurry.  Right now, the distribution day count on the S&P 500 stands at 10!  By any measure, that’s a lot of distribution! There’s a lot of reason to be cautious […]