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We serve all types of traders.


New Traders

Are you new to Wall Street and looking for a better way to get ahead? Our SmartMoneyCircle (a.k.a Elite Stock Setups Report) is our entry level report & built just for you. Each week, you get 10 new stocks that are setting up to breakout. Anyone can tell you AFTER a stock breakouts, we tell you BEFORE it does!


DIY Traders

The Find Leading Stocks Report is our moderate strategy and built for do-it-yourself traders. You know how to do the “work” but you want a steady flow of new ideas sent to your inbox each week (both long & short ideas). Take action now and get access to the very successful FLS Model Portfolio, intra-week updates, & a lot more!


Aggresive Traders

Analyze Wall Street is our aggressive strategy that gives you everything included in our other two plans but more aggressive stock picks! The stocks we buy are all based on filtering out the noise and focusing on the strongest stocks in the market. Then, once we isolate leading stocks, we look for early entry points – which allow us to buy early.


Adam Sarhan is a Forbes contributor (with over 3 million readers), Money Manager, 20 year trading veteran, CEO, and Father of two.

If you think he looks familiar that's because you've probably seen him on TV.

He's often asked to talk about the market on big financial networks like Bloomberg, CNBC & NASDAQ.

Adam is also the host of the very popular Podcast - where he interviews large money managers (all his guests manage over $100 Million) for timeless investing advice.

He has made his fortune navigating the market, and now he is ready to reveal his secrets with YOU!

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“This is Brian’s wife, Terri. I cannot thank you enough for returning my husband to me!
So far this week we have gone bike riding, gone to a painting lesson, gone to a nighttime movie! He is FINALLY goofing off and I am so grateful to you for prescribing R&R. His whole attitude has changed and he is like a real person again. Thank you for coaching him, inspiring, teaching, and corralling him.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!”



“For the first time really ever I have some decent gains on my open positions. That’s pretty much all thanks to FLS. Looking forward to a hopefully very profitable year! Not to mention actually defining a system and sticking to it. Happy New Year!”



“The service is great for finding great stocks and identifying proper entries to get in and stay in for the big moves. Other trading systems require watching a screen or frequent trading. This system can be followed with little time commitment.”


Get And Instant Edge

Most people lose on Wall Street because they do not have a clear edge for taking money out of the market. What’s your edge? If you can’t explain it to a 5-year old, odds are it’s not a real edge.
Take Action Now, Join today, and get a real fact-based edge on Wall Street.

Smart Money Circle

New Traders
$ 39 Monthly
  • 10 New Actionable Setups Each Week
  • Keep Your Watchlist Filled With Great Stocks
  • Updated Weekly
  • Exact Entry & Exit Signals In Leading Stocks

Find Leading Stocks

DIY Traders
$ 97 Monthly
  • Model Portfolio With Exact Entry & Exit Signals Exact Entry & Exit Signals
  • 10 New Actionable Setups Each Week
  • 20 Strongest Stocks In The Market
  • FLS Leaders List
  • Intra-Week Updates
  • Week-In-Review & Much More!

Analyze Wall Street

Agressive Traders
$ 250 Monthly
  • Everything That SMC & FLS Gives You Plus
  • A More Aggressive Portfolio
  • Ideal For Aggressive Swing Traders And Professionals
  • Learn How To Buy Leading Stocks - EARLY