A Picture-Perfect IPO Base With A P/E Ratio Under 5…

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Picture Perfect IPO Base

This stock just started trading in May of 2019 and then built a picture perfect 6-week IPO base. On the 7th week, it blasted above resistance with MONSTROUS volume (and never looked back)!

Since then (over the last 5 weeks), it is building yet again… another picture perfect base-on-base pattern… It’s setting up RIGHT NOW to break out AGAIN!

The company provides high level services to the U.S. Army and the United States intelligence community.

This extremely bullish pattern has only occurred a handful of times in the last 30 years. Some of the stocks that exhibited this powerful base were: Google, Amazon, Shopify, Service Now, and, recently, Beyond Meat!

Enormous Wealth

All these stocks have created enormous wealth for its shareholders.

Imagine being able to go back and invest in Google when the company was only 12 weeks old…

Investing $100,000 would have given you over $2,587,098 In pure profit today!

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How much would you pay to go back in time and invest in an IPO like Google or Amazon?


ONLY $47!

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