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We help you to CONSISTENTLY Outperform the Market.

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Benefits include an easy to follow Model Portfolio that has more than DOUBLED the return of the S&P 500 in both 2016 and 2017.  We will show you exactly WHAT TO BUY, WHEN TO BUY, and WHEN TO SELL… plus a whole lot more!
We’re going to Save you Time, HELP YOU LEARN, and help you Achieve the Next Level of Success in your trading and investing journey.


BABA +90%
(currently holding)

NVDA +30%
(currently holding)

ADBE +60%
(currently holding)

ISRG +30%
(currently holding)

CAT +30%
(currently holding)

SMH +21.77%

Product Details

Our Advanced Stock Reports gives you everything you’ll need!

The service is authored by Adam Sarhan.  Adam has +20 years of stock market and portfolio management experience.  He is presently a Forbes Contributor.
  • 3 Reports per Week Emailed to you and archived on ChartYourTrade
    • Comprehensive Weekly Report sent on the weekend
    • Intra-Week Updates sent on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Weekly Reports 
    • Model Stock Portfolio that consistently outperforms the market.  In 2016 it gained +25%.  So far in 2017 it has gained +57%.  We show you exactly which stocks to buy, when to buy them, the exact price to buy them at, and when to sell them.  
    • Market Health Overview.  We give you a summary that highlights, summarizes, and analyzes the key news and events from around the world that are going to move markets.  It’s given in easy to read, bite-sized chunks that will save you time and help make you money.
    • Elite Stock Setups.  Every week we analyze the entire market to find the 10 best opportunities out there.  We then annotate the charts highlighting the advanced entry point and the support level(s).  We also provide full fundamental detail on each of these ideas.
    • Conviction Leaders List.  Always know which stocks are presently leading the market.  For traders with a little more experience, this list will help point you toward additional opportunities when these leading stocks consolidate.   It also helps highlight the major themes that are driving the market.
    • Leading Sectors and Industry Groups.  Knowing which sectors and industry groups are leading the market will help point you toward additional high probability ideas.  Stocks travel in packs.  When a group is leading, there will be many leading stocks within that group.
  • Unlimited Direct Email Access to Adam Sarhan: Adam is a 20+ year market veteran and a Forbes Contributor.  Having direct access to him is like having a trading partner with you every step of the way.  Erase the uncertainty and be confident in your trading!
  • Intra-Week Reports
    • Relevant Market Highlights every Tuesday and Thursday (more frequent if warranted by market conditions)
    • Updates to the Model Portfolio including any entries or exits that are triggered, as well as stops.

What others are saying

I have really enjoyed the process of learning a new way of trading based on your weekly updates. So far, I’ve got several great returns on stocks like FOLD, CALA, DVAX, PYPL, CAT, NFLX, NVDA, etc… 


Congrats on your success and terrific advice you give all of us!


I am new to your service. Thank you for the amazing stock picks so far!


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