Routines D/W/M

Consistency is perhaps one of the most important elements to becoming a successful trader.  It’s through consistency that we speed our learning curves and can clearly see when something is working and when something it is not!  The routines outlined here were developed by our Founder Michael Lamothe while he was trading part-time and maintaining a separate full-time career.  Whether you work full time or not, these routines can serve as a good starting point for how to look at markets and take advantage of opportunities in an efficient and effective way.

Having a stock routine that is written out and kept with us where ever we trade cam help keep us honest in performing the tasks necessary to be successful in the market.  Maintaining a healthy portfolio is like maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Being consistent is vital.  Keeping to a routine has not only helped me stay in step with the market, it has also helped me ride down the learning curve much faster.

To see the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly routines that have helped me trade efficiently and effectively while operating part time, click the links below.

Weekly (part 1)
Weekly (part 2)

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