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What's Inside The course?

Here is a breakdown of everything you're going to get today After You Sign up!

  • How To Know When To Sell (managing risk)
  • How To Know When To Buy
  • The 7 Things To NEVER do when Swing Trading
  • The ONLY 2 Things you need to get started
  • How To Find the best STOCKS When Trading (finding a strong trend)
  • How to ACTUALLY Make Money Swing Trading
  • Why Swing Trading is WORTH IT & more...
  • How to AUTOMATE Your Trades So You Can Make Money In Your Sleep
  • What is technical analysis
  • The different types of technical analysis
  • Is technical analysis better than fundamental
  • Is fundamental analysis just guessing
  • Why fundamental analysis is important
  • The Secret 3rd Weapons almost NOBODY knows about
  • How to start a paper trading account & why it’s different
  • What to LOOK at When Trading

Then You Get ALL These Bonuses When You Register Today...

  • BONUS #1: The Smart Money Boot Camp...
  • BONUS #2: The Live Stock Scanner...
  • COURSE: The "Swing Trade Like A Millionaire"... ($1,997 Value)
  • BONUS #1: The Smart Money Boot Camp... ($10,000 Value)
  • BONUS #2: The Live Stock Scanner... ($360 Value)


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smart Money Boot-camp

Get $10,000 worth of video training courses with Adam Sarhan.

"$10,000 in courses
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Millionaires are made with this one Boot-Camp.

Smart Money Boot-camp

Make Millions.

The Boot Camp Includes:

  • Become An Icon With Your Money:
    Learn The Ultimate Money Equation - Break down the 3 most common barriers that's stopping you from getting to the next level financially.
  • Rewire Your Brain:
    Learn How To Control Your Emotions - The single biggest obstacle that prevents people from getting ahead financially is their emotions. This course will teach you how to make rational, not emotional, decisions with your money.
  • Break Down Your Pain Wall:
    Success Is On The Other Side Of Pain - Most people run from pain like the Coronavirus. The problem is that success is on the other side of pain. This course will teach you how to get ahead by overcoming your pain.
  • See All Angles:
    Not Just The One In Your Head - Let's face it, you are lying to yourself. You think you can see all angles, you think you are open minded... but you're not. Imagine how much more successful you'll be, being able to view things from a perspective other than your own.
  • Grow Up:
    Learn How To Drop Your Childish Behavior - We all have unmet childhood wants and needs for attention that we have to “renounce” in order to grow up - Dr. Sigmund Freud

Altogether, You’ll Get

Over $10,000 Worth Of Training



Meet the Live Stock Scanner

Scan The Entire
Market At A Glance

Your Live Stock Scanner Will Spit Out:

  • Leading Stocks In The Market
  • Oversold Stocks In The Market
  • Top Undervalued Stocks In The Market
  • And Much More...

All In

Get 1 Year access to the scanner when you join The Course

Your new Live Stock Scanner will find tomorrow's winners… today!

Stop spending countless hours trying to analyze the market and let your new Scanner do it for you.

We normally charge a monthly subscription to access this scanner… and we want to give you 1 YEAR FREE access when you Join The Course today! So if you still see this as a bonus, consider yourself lucky. We are going to remove this bonus once we hit a certain number of sign ups...

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Live Stock Scanner

($360) Value

"I have been searching for a service I can trust for several years and finally have found your service that actually teaches the ins and outs of trading with outstanding ideas. My whole family thanks you!!"

Rating 5 Stars! Your service completely changed my trading. I went from a beginner with no trading system and losing money to developing a trading system based on the course. The win rate is incredible as I have produced huge profits. I now feel confident by using what I have learned from Adam and to find and place my own trades. Also, Adam has demonstrated that he sincerely cares about each subscriber as demonstrated in the excellent customer support and the energetic and caring attitude seen in the course and in videos."

Get ALL These Bonuses When You Register Today...

"The service is great for finding great stocks and identifying proper entries to get in and stay in for the big moves. Other trading systems require watching a screen or frequent trading. This system can be followed with little time commitment."

  • BONUS: The Smart Money Boot Camp...
  • BONUS: The Live Stock Scanner...

I'll send The Bonuses right to your inbox the moment you Register For The Course Today



Adam Sarhan is a real money manager, 20-year swing trading veteran, Forbes contributor (with over 3 million readers), CEO, Husband, and Father of two.

If you think he looks familiar that's because you've probably seen him on TV.

He's been quoted on every major financial network in the world like: Bloomberg, CNBC & NASDAQ just to name a few.

He has made his fortune navigating the market, and now he is ready to reveal his secrets with YOU!

Adam will give you a 'over-the-shoulder-veiw' of exactly how he trades the market,

He will answer your questions, go over the market, and teach you everything he knows! He knows how to make money.

The course is designed to help you make money in both bull & bear markets...


(Should you choose to accept )

Your Challenge Is To Take Action Now and attend the cOURSE,


Adam will reveal his secrets he only shares with his high level $5,000+/month coaching clients in this course...

"Trading Secrets
Finally Exposed...

  • How To Find the best STOCKS When Trading (finding a strong trend)
  • The ONLY 2 Things you need to get started
  • The 7 Things To NEVER do when Swing Trading
  • How To Know When To Buy
  • How To Know When To Sell (managing risk)
  • How to ACTUALLY Make Money Swing Trading


Yours for ONLY $100

"What I like about this is that I learn from you. My trading is a 60/40 mix of following your advice as well as taking advantage of setups I see on my own. In the past I would ride losers down to pitiful levels….sometimes they would come back, and sometimes they wouldn’t. Sometimes I would sell them at the bottom, and then they would come back after I lost patience with them. My trading since studying with you has been much more consistent. My account sees volatility to the upside, but I don’t let it go to the down side. I am doing better because I have been defensive. Keep up the great work!!!"

This Course Is Different!

This is NOT some regular course on trading...

You will be given a whole $10,000 BOOT CAMP To Shape you into a Walking Talking Money Making Machine.

During the course you'll Learn SECRET Trading Techniques that only Adam's closest clients get access to.

And, you'll have a powerful tool at your finger tips...
- A Live Stock Scanner that picks stocks for you ALL IN REAL TIME...

Results come to those that take action...

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"As a business owner, putting the necessary time in to research the markets was a daunting task and I wasn't making any progress. The trading strategy has allowed me to stay in step with the market and continue to invest my own money rather than handing it over to a financial institution. The only difference is I am making money! My account went up over 20% in the first year. Thank you Adam and I look forward to learning from you in the years to come."

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When You Join The Course Today!

  • COURSE: The "Swing Trade Like A Millionaire" Course... ($1,997 Value)
  • BONUS #1: The Smart Money Boot Camp... ($10,000 Value)
  • BONUS #2: The Live Stock Scanner... ($360 Value)


If you want a chance at BEATING THE MARKET then this is it...

Here's A Recap Of


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