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Welcome and thank you for visiting! We believe that anyone willing to put in the time and effort can be successful in the market.  Getting started shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg either.  We offer the following robust features to help you get started and keep you going down the road to financial freedom…


    StateoftheMarketWe take a holistic approach to our view of the market.  Ultimately the question we're all attempting to answer is which direction is the market heading in the short, intermediate, and long term.  Is it heading up, down, or sideways? 

    To learn how we do this, click here:

  • WATCHlistRegardless of the strategy one chooses to follow, it's always important to build watch lists of the stocks we're interested in. posts our Founder's Universe List (all the stocks he's interested in), Ready List (compiled of stocks in bases outside the "Top 10" as well as stocks setting up in secondary patterns), and Top 10 Setups in Bases lists weekly.  There are a number of interesting nuances inside each list.  See the "Watch List" page above to learn more about each list!

    • We are strong advocates that the market is best seen through your own eyes and what works for one person may not work for another.  As such, we suggest using these posts as an example of how you may want to perform your own analysis, find your own advanced entry/exit points, and not take the opinions here verbatim.
  • RoutinesConsistency is perhaps one of the most important elements to becoming a successful trader. It's through consistency that we speed our learning curves and can clearly see when something is working and when something it is not! The routines outlined here were developed by our Founder Michael Lamothe while he was trading part-time and maintaining a separate full-time career. Whether you work full time or not, these routines can serve as a good starting point for how to look at markets and take advantage of opportunities in an efficient and effective way.

  • RULESWhether you're a discretionary or a systems based trader, it's important to have a set of rules to guide our actions in the market.

    The rules section is a compilation of rules our Founder has come across that has helped him throughout his trading career. The source of each rule has been cited be it his own rule, a rule from a book such as How to Make Money in Stocks (HTMMIS) by William Oneil, or other sources. When first learning to trade, it's important to create and strictly follow a set of rules proven to be effective (whether through back testing you've performed yourself or by someone else). As we grow as traders, we learn that some rules can be bent, others broken, and some must be strictly adhered to at all times.

  • is proud to offer FREE webinars and videos on a variety of trading related topics with Adam Sarhan, Founder & CEO of Sarhan Capital, parent to All webinars are recorded and archived both here and on YouTube. During the webinars, all attendees have the opportunity for live Q&A with us.

  • CommunityOur community page blends the feeds from Twitter and Facebook with our own forums to allow for easier expansion on topics. Unlike other forms of social media, there's no character limit in our forums. Use the forums to write as much as you want and easily share charts and other images!

  • 15595599939197.aMydXR6ysvUI2FSujqX6_height640Our Suggested Reading list is a compilation of the books our Founder has found to be the most useful throughout his trading journey. This list includes titles, descriptions, personal reviews, links to Amazon's book store, and is periodically updated.

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    All of the professional affiliate tools and services listed have been personally tested, reviewed, and/or used by our Founder, Michael Lamothe. The “Free Tools” are tools that Michael has created himself is sharing with the ChartYourTrade Community! Simply register with if you haven’t already done so to access the “Free Tools.”