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Learn how to consistently take money out of the stock market.
Learn how to identify & destroy the mental walls (barriers) that
are preventing you from getting ahead.

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Free Education

Knowledge is power, especially on Wall Street! There is a big gap between the quality of "information" institutional investors get & the "information" individual investors get. We are here to fill that void. Browse our free educational material.

Mental Capital

Capital comes in two forms: Physical & Mental. Mental capital is more important than your physical capital. If you are serious, let Adam show you how to break down your mental walls (mental barriers that prevent you from getting what you want)

Model Portfolio

Members have enjoyed returns that DOUBLED the S&P 500 in 2016 and TRIPLED the S&P 500 in 2017! They were able to do this by using our easy to follow Model Portfolio that shows you exactly when to get in, when to get out, and how much to risk.

Meet Adam Sarhan
He's a contributor to Forbes and all over the media

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Adam began trading in the 90’s and instantly fell in love with markets. A few years later, he started his business in his dorm room in grad school. His mission is to help investors get ahead. He does this by starting with education, then provides you with actionable ideas, and focuses a lot on introspection (a.k.a. Psychological Analysis). Put simply, he gives people tools and resources he wish he had access to when he got started.

Adam’s biggest strength is he knows he doesn’t know. Meaning, he didn’t go to Harvard or Yale, or work at a big Wall Street bank. Instead, he is self-taught student of markets and has learned from some of the best investors on the planet. Approaching markets with this mindset forces Adam to remain humble at all times (which is a great trait on Wall Street) and he never fights the tape, instead he remains aligned with it at all times.

Over the years, Adam has become a well known force on Wall Street and some of the largest investors and hedge funds have become his clients including but not limited to: Oil tycoon, T. Boone Pickens, Hedge Fund Billionaire, Stanley Drunkenmiller’s Family Office, and the thousands of investors that subscribe to his research, consulting and coaching services. Early on Adam was asked, “Why should I invest with you, I don’t know you from Adam. Pardon the pun.” To overcome this objection, Adam turned to the media and made his name when he turned bearish at the end of 2007 -before the 2008 crash. Since then, he has been on every major financial media network and was invited by Forbes to become a contributor. Adam’s work on Forbes has over 2,500,000 views and is here to help you get ahead on Wall Street. Welcome to ChartYourTrade.com – we look forward to helping you with your journey.

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