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A New Trader

Are you new to Wall Street and looking for a better way to get ahead? Join our Alpha Alerts now and get on average 1 new stock pick each week with an EARLY (a.k.a. Advanced) Entry Point – so you can buy BEFORE the crowd!

A DIY Trader

The Find Leading Stocks Report is our moderate strategy and built for do-it-yourself traders. You know how to do the “work” but you want a steady flow of new ideas sent to your inbox each week (both long & short ideas). Take action now and get access to the very successful FLS Model Portfolio, intra-week updates, & a lot more!

An Advanced Trader

Analyze Wall Street is our aggressive strategy that gives you everything included in our other two plans but more aggressive stock picks! The stocks we buy are all based on filtering out the noise and focusing on the strongest stocks in the market. Then, once we isolate leading stocks, we look for early entry points – which allow us to buy early.

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Alpha Alerts

For New Traders
$ 20
  • Get 1 New Actionable Setup Each Week
  • Keep Your Watchlist Filled With Great Stocks​
  • Updated weekly with an Alpha Alert email
  • Exact Entry & Exit Signals In Leading Stocks

Find Leading Stocks

For Do It Yourself Traders
$ 99
  • Model Portfolio With Exact Entry & Exit Signals
  • 10 New Actionable Setups Each Week
  • 20 Strongest Stocks In The Market
  • FLS Leaders List
  • Intra-Week Updates
  • Week-In-Review & Much more

Analyze Wall Street

For Advanced/Aggressive Traders
$ 250
  • Everything That Alerts & FLS Gives You Plus
  • A More Aggressive Portfolio
  • Ideal For Aggressive Swing Traders And Professionals
  • Learn How To Buy Leading Alpha Stocks Early
  • Learn How To Buy Leading Stocks... Early

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Get Your Edge

Every trader "thinks" they can "beat" the market. But at the end of the day they fail. Why? Because they don't have a clear edge and they make emotional, not rational, decisions with their money (especially when they are under pressure. We are here to change that.

Better Information

We all have access to the same information, the only difference is the smart money knows how to use it better than you. Learn how "they" play the game.

New Ideas

Keep your watchlist current with a steady flow of new ideas. Learn how to find and own leading stocks "before" they breakout.

Psychological Analysis

In addition to fundamental and technical analysis, Adam coined the term Psychological Analysis for investing. Learn how to make rational (not emotional) decisions with your money, outsmart your former self, and your competition (the crowd).

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We currently have a community of over 5,500 members.
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