Our Story

Hi, I’m Mike, the Founder of ChartYourTrade.  We are on a mission to inspire millions of hardworking people just like you to take advantage of one of the best opportunities in the world…the stock market!

I’m a husband, father, and a guy with a separate full-time job.  So what qualifies me to talk about stocks?  What sets us apart from the 10 million other stock market sites?  …We know what it takes to succeed and to succeed while having all of these obligations.

We teamed up with 20+ year market veteran Adam Sarhan to deliver a suite of educational materials, products, and services.  Everything we do is designed to help you succeed in the stock market no matter your experience level. 

What’s your end game?  Are you trading for Primary Income, Supplemental Income, or Retirement?

Know When to Act

One of the toughest parts of trading is knowing how or when to act and second guessing if you’re on the right side of the market. Emotions and psychology can wreak havoc on our accounts.


Save Time Researching, Learning, and Doing

The most important asset we all have is time. Researching stocks, learning how to trade successfully, putting it all into practice… this takes a LOT of time if you’re doing it on your own.

Whatever your goals are, we are here to support you every step of the way