Week Ahead: 10-Week Rally Continues On Wall Street

10-Week Rally Continues On Wall Street The market ended higher last week as the very strong 10-week rally continues (for now). The market remains strong as sellers remain marginalized and nowhere to be seen. The fact that the market refuses to fall is an encouraging sign and bodes well for the bulls. Stepping back, the […]

Week Ahead: Rally Continues On Wall Street

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Rally Continues On Wall Street The market ended higher last week after the bulls continued to send stocks higher. The market shrugged off a spate of weaker-than-expected economic data last week because that means easy money will likely stay for the foreseeable future. In the short-term the market is over bought and due to pullback. […]

Week Ahead: The Bulls Are Getting Stronger

The Bulls Are Getting Stronger: Stocks ended the week nicely higher as optimism spread regarding the US-China trade deal and investors digested the latest round of earnings data. At this point, the rhetoric from both sides suggests a trade deal will get done and that is a “good” sign for the market. On the economic […]

Week Ahead: Stocks Fall After Hitting Resistance

Stock Fall After Hitting Resistance: Stocks ended the week mixed to mostly lower as the market fell after hitting resistance (200 DMA line). At this point, it is perfectly normal to see the market pullback to digest its recent rally. On a relative basis, the Dow is trading near its 200 DMA line and is […]