Week in Review: Geopolitical Fears Send Stocks Lower; Metals Soar… 04/15/2017

Geopolitical Fears Send Stocks Lower

Stocks ended weaker last week and closed below important near-term support (50-day moving average line) as the market continues to digest the very strong post-election rally. Last week was the first time we saw all of the major indices break down and close below their respective 50 DMA lines since the election which is not […]

A glimmer of hope – why I’m still bullish on stocks… 04/13/2017

Am I nuts?  Time will tell… Stocks have been consolidating for the past month and a half.  Distribution days have been piling up in a hurry.  Right now, the distribution day count on the S&P 500 stands at 10!  By any measure, that’s a lot of distribution! There’s a lot of reason to be cautious […]

Week in Review: Stocks End Lower Amid Geopolitical Turmoil… 04/08/2017

Stocks ended slightly lower on the first week of the second quarter but, for now, the bulls managed to defend support. The two “big” market-moving headlines came from the Fed and President Trump. On Wednesday, the Fed released the minutes of its most recent meeting and it showed Fed officials want to unwind the massive […]

How to use ChartYourTrade MRI for Stock Selection

In this video I discuss some of the methods I personally use to identify stocks quickly and easily. You will learn how to: Identify strong and emerging industry groups How to zero in on the top stocks within that industry group How to find the best stocks within the strongest industry group How to identify […]