Review of Mark Minervini’s “Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard”

Review of Mark Minervini's "Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard"

One of my biggest trading influences was someone I met later in my trading journey.  It’s interesting who we meet along the way and the impact they have on us.  Mark Minervini isn’t just a great trader and phenomenal author, he’s also a genuinely good person who truly wants to help educate others and help […]



If you’ve watched any of my recent YouTube videos, you’ve likely seen TRADING VIEW. TRADING VIEW is the charting service I use. I like them for a LOT of reasons.  In this Trading View Review, I’m going to share what I love about them, where it’s lacking and how I’ve dealt with it, and some […]

The Trade Risk Review: Made Some Money with New Trading Techniques

What is “The Trade Risk”? is a stock trading service run by friend and colleague Evan Medeiros.  The service provides you with daily trade alerts on high momentum stocks.  He tells you precisely when he’s getting into a trade and when he is getting out of a trade.  He takes this service a step […]

10 Tips and Tricks for Trading Stocks Successfully

There are a lot of gadgets and gizmos, tools and software, and tips and tricks out there in the marketplace designed to help you trade stocks successfully.  Today we want to focus 10 Tips and Tricks and our single favorite tool that will help you become a more successful trader.  These tips and tricks can be used with […]