Advanced Stock Reports (Special)

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We exist to ENSURE your SUCCESS in the stock market.  

Our Advanced Stock Reports gives you everything you’ll need! 

Among the many benefits of membership is access to a model portfolio managed by +20 year market veteran Adam Sarhan.  This portfolio is managed the same as a real portfolio with a full trading plan that includes exact entry and exit points, as well as a position sizing strategy which is all provided to you ahead of time, thereby allowing you to easily follow along.  The model portfolio continues to outperform…

Winning Trades

  • BABA  +90%
  • ADBE  +60%
  • CAT +45% 
  • NVDA +30% 
  • ISRG  +75% 


We understand the challenges most individual traders and investors face.  You want to take advantage of the stock market and all of the life-changing opportunities it provides, but you don’t have the time to research and analyze the stock market.  Figuring out which stocks to buy, how much of them to buy, when to buy them, and then when to sell them is extremely challenging, (approx. 95% of individuals lose money in the stock market and the learning curve to become successful is often years).

Advanced Stock Reports:

  • Removes all of the uncertainty and helps you make more money in the stock market with a fully developed trading plan (we show you where to get in, where to get out, and how much to risk)
  • Saves you time approximately 40 hrs/month (10 hours/week) of research time
  • Speeds up your learning curve by following  and gaining insight from a successful professional
  • Can help you find success right away
  • Access a successful money manager with any questions about the market, anytime

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Advanced Stock Reports saves you time, gives you confidence, and helps you make money in the stock market!

What You Get with Your Membership:

  • 3 Reports per Week Sent Straight to Your Inbox and archived on
    • Comprehensive Weekly Report sent on the weekend
    • Intra-Week Updates sent on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Model Stock Portfolio along with a game plan showing you where to get in and where to get out of each trade
  • Market Health Overview highlighting key news and events, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading
  • Elite Stock Setups a watch list of hand-picked stocks that are ready to breakout in bull markets or break down in bear markets. These Elite Stock Setups come with fully annotated charts, advanced entry points, near-term support, and fundamental data
  • Conviction Leaders List of stocks which are leading the market.  These are broken down by market cap to provide you with a simple way to quickly identify which stocks are leading the market. 
  • Unlimited Direct Email Access to Adam Sarhan: Adam is a +20 year market veteran, a portfolio manager, and a Forbes Contributor. Having direct access to him is like having a trading partner with you every step of the way. Erase the uncertainty and be confident in your trading!