Week In Review; 50 DMA Line Is Resistance

The bears returned from a three day hiatus on Thursday afternoon and erased Wednesday’s gains, sending the DJIA and the Nasdaq composite back below their respective 50 DMA lines. In addition, volume was heavier than the recent advance which was not a healthy sign. The highly influential financial group continues to lag its peers, evidenced by the lackluster action in several key names. Most of the major financial firms are now trading below both their respective 50 DMA and 200 DMA lines, which is another ominous sign. Stocks got smacked on Friday after news spread that French President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to leave the EU if the trillion dollar bailout was not passed. Again, volume rose as the major averages fell. What does all this mean for investors? Simple, the market is in a correction which reiterates the importance of adopting a defense stance until a new rally is confirmed. Trade accordingly.