Stocks, Euro & Commodities Negatively Reverse As Dollar Soars!

The NYSE Composite Index closed below its 200 DMA line for the third straight session which is not a healthy sign. The Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 Index did not undercut Monday’s lows which technically means that Tuesday marked Day 2 of their current rally attempt and the earliest a possible FTD can emerge for either index would be Thursday. However, if yesterday’s lows are breached then the day count will be reset. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has yet to violate last Monday’s low, which means that it just finished Day 7 of its current rally attempt and the window for a proper FTD remains open (unless its 5/10/10 low of 10,386 is breached). What does all of this mean for investors? Simple, the market is in a correction which reiterates the importance of adopting a defense stance until a new rally is confirmed. Trade accordingly.