Best Stocks To Buy Right Now For Swing Traders

What Are The Best Stocks To Buy Right Now?
Today is your lucky today, not only are we going to give you the best stocks to buy but we are going to tell you how to find them yourself! Instead of giving you the best stock to buy today and then it is stale tomorrow, we are going to do even better and let you in on our private members-only service. Because so many people want to know the best stocks to buy right now, we created Alpha Alerts to tell you the best swing trading stocks to buy each week. Every Friday, our members get a professional stock pick with the best swing trading stock for that week. We even tell you when to buy and when to sell. As a free gift, you can take a free 30-day trial here.

Life Changing Wealth:

What are the best swing trading stocks to buy right now? This is a timeless question that will be asked over and over again for the rest of time. Why? Because buying the “right” stock could literally change your life. This article will teach you a few strategies so you can learn how to find the best stocks to buy even if you are not a swing trader.

Step 1: Make The Trend Your Friend

Stocks move up and down, most people only focus on stocks that move up but the first big lesson is to be agnostic and look for ways to make money on both the long and short side. Meaning, if the stock goes up, you make money (you are long) and if it is going down you still make money (you are short). Note: Focusing on short ideas are only good during downtrends and bear markets. The strategies in this article are for swing trading on the long side.

Step 2: Watch List – New Highs

The second step is to look for stocks hitting new 52-week highs and then are pulling back into logical areas of support. Why? Because the easiest way of finding stocks that are going “UP” is to look at the “new highs” list. Think about it, a stock can’t double or triple without showing up (several times) on the new highs list. So, just by doing that one thing alone, you are filtering out all of the stocks that are moving sideways or are going down. Now, a note of caution, you don’t want to blindly buy stocks that are making a new 52-week high (or new all-time high for that matter), you want to wait and buy a bounce after it dips. But a great way to identify new targets is to find stocks that are in an uptrend and hitting new 52-week highs. The other benefit is that you are making the trend your friend (see step 1). 

Step 3: Volume Is Powerful

Another powerful strategy is to look for stocks that are making new 52-week lows and then WAIT for them to start going UP, and focus on the stocks that have unusually high volume after they make new lows and fall a signifciant amount. Why? Because large institutions can’t hide, their actions show up in both price and volume. If you see a stock trading on average 1 million shares per day and fall 50-80% and then out of nowhere turn higher and have a few up days on monstrous volume, that usually indicates the beginning of a new leg higher — or at least a big enough bounce that you can capitalize on. As is the case with most things on Wall Street, and in life, timing really matters. 


These are just a few strategies you can use right now to find the best stocks to swing trade on your own. It does require a lot of work because you have to constantly be scanning the market and you have to be one step ahead of the crowd. Or, you can take a free 30-day trial to Alpha Alerts and get professional stock picks every week. Remember, the most successful people in the world take action now. Take your free trial here. You have nothing to lose, and if you don’t like it cancel no questions asked. So there is ZERO risk and unlimited reward. Honestly, why wouldn’t you place that trade? 





Adam Sarhan

Adam Sarhan

Host Of The #SmartMoneyCircle Podcast, Founder and CEO of 50 Park Investments. Adam provides weekly market updates to readers. He is a FORBES Contributor and is a frequent guest on all the major financial media outlets.

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