How Successful Traders Effectively Manage Fear and Greed

The two most dominant emotions that drive markets across the globe are fear and greed.  These emotions have remained constant throughout history, and will always be present in the markets. Here Are How Successful Traders Manage Fear & Greed Hold Onto Their Winner and Cut Their Loser Quickly: Successful traders operate with the notion that markets are counter-intuitive […]

Top 4 Reasons Why Traders Should Consider ETF’s

1)An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a relatively new instrument that trades like a stock and has changed the way capital is being deployed on Wall Street.  ETF’s, like stocks, come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all represent a way to profit from an “idea”. Here Are 4 Top Reasons Why You Should […]

10 Ways To Control Your Emotions On Wall Street

It’s important to learn to overcome your emotions so that you can buy stocks that are starting to go up and sell stocks when they start to go down.  You have to know the difference between a strong stock that is going higher and one that is near its top. Stocks that are falling can be sold […]

Volume Doesn’t Matter & Here’s Why

  What Is Volume? When you think about it – that really is a great question. First, lets begin by defining volume. Volume simply is the total number of shares traded in one period (minute, hour, day, week,  month, etc) Remember there are two sides to every trade. Every tick is comprised of a buyer exchanges shares with […]