Week-In-Review: Stocks Rally After Bulls Defend Support

Stocks Rally After Bulls Defend Support Last week was another important week on Wall Street. The market rallied nicely after the bulls showed up and defended important support (50 DMA line). Remember, after a big rally, it is perfectly normal and healthy to see the market pause and digest that move. Right now, that is […]

Week-In-Review: Market Pulls Back After Strong Run

Bear Bull 2

Market Pulls Back After Strong Run The market fell last week and paused to consolidate a very strong rally. Remember, it is perfectly normal (and healthy) for a market to periodically pullback, providing the bulls show up and defend support. For now, the next level of important support to watch for the major indices is […]

FLS Pre-Market Update: Pullback Time

Note: Due to the shortened holiday week, this will be the only intra-week update.  Market Update: Pullback Time The title of last Thursday’s intra- week update was “Getting Extended.” We all should know by now how markets work: They rally, pause, pullback, then rinse, wash, repeat. On cue, the market is simply pulling back to digest […]

Welcome to the worst month of the year.

Courtesy of LPL Research:  Well, here it comes—September. It’s widely considered the worst month of the year for equities for good reason, since it has historically performed the worst. Per Ryan Detrick, senior market strategist, “September is the banana peel month, as some of the largest slips tend to take place during this month. Although […]