Stocks Finally Pull Back… Now What? | Week in Review 02/02/2018

The market is finally pulling back to consolidate its very healthy and very strong advance. Remember, markets do not go up forever and it is perfectly normal (and healthy) to see the market pullback after a very strong rally to consolidate the move. Nice orderly pullbacks are healthy and allow savvy investors to step in […]

Stocks Rally On Strong Earnings | Week in Review 01/26/2018

The bulls remain in clear control of this market as the impressive rally continues unchecked. There are a few important things to note: The market is extremely extended. It refuses to fall. In fact, pullbacks last a few hours, not even a few days. Even stocks that gap down on earnings are almost immediately bought […]

Stocks Rally as Earnings Season Begins | Week in Review 01/20/2018

Not much changed from my comments last week. Stocks went from being overbought, to being very over-bought in a matter of a few weeks. The fact that the market refuses to fall in a meaningful fashion clearly shows you how strong the bulls are right now. Stepping back, it is important to keep a cool […]