2018 opened with a bang | Week in Review 01/05/2018

2018 opened with a bang! Not only did the major averages continue to hit new record highs, there was virtually no selling to speak of.  Clearly, this is very strong action and it tells you that the bulls remain in control as sellers are virtually nowhere be seen.

Another Solid Year for Stocks! | Week in Review… 12/29/2017

2017 will go down in history as another solid year for Wall Street. The major averages all surged to fresh record highs as volatility remained exceptionally low.  There were several bullish macro catalysts for the strong rally on Wall Street, most notably: Strong GDP, Corporate Earnings, and Low-Interest Rates From Global Central Banks.  The strong […]

Tax Cut Sparks Big Rally On Wall Street | Week in Review 12/22/2017

  Santa Comes Early; Tax Cut Sparks Big Rally On Wall Street The major indices continued to trade near record highs as 2017 winds down. So far, 2017 is on track to be the strongest year since 2013.  The U.S. economy is the largest its ever been in history and continues to grow. Last week, […]

Central Banks Help Stocks Hit New Highs | Week in Review 12/15/2017

Stocks rallied nicely after nearly every major central bank in the world made it clear that they will move very slowly to “normalize” rates.  Additionally, politicians in D.C. made a big step to help pass the tax reform bill. Earlier this month, I wrote, the major indices are “down” for the month, but they will […]