Week-in-Review: Stocks Breakout and Hit Record High… 07/16/2016

  Monday-Wednesday’s Action: The S&P 500 broke out of its very long trading range and hit a fresh record high on Monday. Overnight, Japan’s ruling party won their election by a large margin and announced more stimulus. That sparked a huge rally in Japan’s stock market (up almost 4%) and that lead to more gains […]

What Old Timers are Saying About the Stock Market

I have a ton of respect and admiration for my elders, especially the ones that have made billions of dollars in the market. Interestingly, nearly every stock market elder (except for the perma-bulls), are cautious, if not bearish, at these levels. Over the past 18-24 months, as the major U.S. indices have moved sideways, investing […]

Week-In-Review: Big Breakout Coming To Wall Street… 07/08/2016

Stocks Breakout Of Bullish Head and Shoulders Pattern Stocks rallied nicely last week and are once again flirting with major resistance (record highs) after the government reported a stronger than expected jobs report. The bullish fundamental catalyst is that Brexit means more easy money from global central banks and (for now) and that is bullish for […]

Week-In-Review: Central Banks Save The Day…Again …07/01/2016

Play book?  …What Playbook?? There really is no playbook for the wild action we are seeing on Wall Street. In the past week alone, stocks were crushed after Brexit and then soared after central banks stepped in and saved the day. Buyers showed up on Tuesday after Mario Draghi (European Central Bank President) said global […]