Week in Review: Stocks are VERY Strong… 08/06/2016

  The best word to describe this market is: STRONG.  Stocks continue to race higher as investors continue to focus on easy money from global central banks.  Whether we have strong economic data (ex: Friday’s jobs report came in at 255k, beating estimates for 180k) or weak economic data, stocks rally.  Strong earnings, weak earnings, […]

Week in Review: Stocks Finish the Month Strong! 07/30/2016

Strong Month on Wall Street July 2016 will be remembered in the history books as a pivotal and very strong month on Wall Street. The big news was that the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the benchmark S&P 500 both broke out of a very long 18-month sideways trading range and vaulted to fresh record […]

Week in Review: Bulls Still in Control… 07/22/2016

Bulls Remain In Control: Stocks are very strong as the benchmark S&P 500 has vaulted 9.1% in the past four weeks! Remember, in “normal” (a.k.a. non easy money days),a 10% rally for the entire year was considered healthy so 9.1% in 4 straight weeks is extraordinary.   I’m frequently asked by clients at 50Park.com: How can […]

Week-in-Review: Stocks Breakout and Hit Record High… 07/16/2016

  Monday-Wednesday’s Action: The S&P 500 broke out of its very long trading range and hit a fresh record high on Monday. Overnight, Japan’s ruling party won their election by a large margin and announced more stimulus. That sparked a huge rally in Japan’s stock market (up almost 4%) and that lead to more gains […]