Using Options For Cheap Directional Exposure

Options sometimes get a bad rap in financial markets, especially as Warren Buffet once famously referred to them as weapons of mass financial destruction! Never mind the fact that Buffet uses options extensively in his own portfolio.   The beauty of options is they provide so much flexibility. You can use them to gain leveraged […]

Stocks End the Week FLAT as Earnings Continue | Week in Review 04/27/2018

It was another volatile week on Wall Street. Stocks ended flat as investors digested a slew of earnings reports and the bulls showed up and defended the longer term 200 DMA line. The major indices opened the week with a big selloff and then the bulls showed up right on cue and defended the 200 […]


NO ONE ELSE IS YOU… AND THAT IS YOUR POWER, YOUR SELF WORTH AS A TRADER As traders, I’m not going to pretend that the money we trade with isn’t equal to power.  But it is just that … one of many factors that go into the mix of what it takes to trade.  There […]