Week in Review: Stocks Rally on Trump’s 4th Week in Office… 02/17/2017

Stocks are up four weeks in a row and have literally rallied every week since Trump took office. The market hit another fresh record high last week as buyers continue to aggressively accumulate stocks. Just to reiterate, this feels like the very early stages of a 1999/1929 style climax/blow-off top. Of course, we are open […]

The Trade Risk Review: Made Some Money with New Trading Techniques

What is “The Trade Risk”? TheTradeRisk.com is a stock trading service run by friend and colleague Evan Medeiros.  The service provides you with daily trade alerts on high momentum stocks.  He tells you precisely when he’s getting into a trade and when he is getting out of a trade.  He takes this service a step […]

Stocks pull back but barely… 02/03/2017

We mentioned last week that the market was extended and due to pullback. Well, we got the pull back but it only lasted a few days.  Stocks rallied last week as investors digested a slew of economic, earnings, and central bank data. The big take-away is that the bulls remain in clear control of this […]