How to Create a Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the greatest tools at our disposal when it comes to analyzing huge data sets.  One of the more powerful tools I like to use within Excel are Pivot Tables.   A Pivot Table allows you to take literally thousands of rows and hundreds of columns of data and almost instantly […]

Wall Street’s Trouble Starts With The End Of Free Fed Money

The real problem for Wall Street is that the free money from the Fed has ended (Until they announce QE 4). The relentless selling continued as stocks plunged on Wednesday after a new round of selling emerged. This time the bears went after almost all areas of the market including the big glamour names such […]

Year-in-Review: Stocks End 2015 Mixed To Mostly Lower; Commodities Tank

Stocks End 2015 Mixed to Mostly Lower Stocks ended 2015 mixed to mostly lower. The S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, DJ Transports, Small Cap Russell 2000, Mid Cap S&P 400, NYSE Composite all closed in the red. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq composite and Nasdaq 100 ended 2015 higher. The move in the latter two indices was largely […]

Trading Journal Spreadsheet (TJS) Review

One of the keys to becoming a great trader is by keeping a highly detailed robust trading journal to track and capture as much detail about your trading as possible. Here we review one of our favorite tools, Trading Journal Spreadsheet, to help toward this end.