Trader’s Price Gap Survival Guide

Trader's price gap survival guide

Depending upon which side of the trade you’re on, a price gap can be either great or very scary! Our Trader’s Price Gap Survival Guide will not only help you be on the right side of the gap, but also teach you how to minimize the damage if you’re on the wrong side of the gap.

Stocks Finally Pull Back…Will it Last? 03/24/2016

Finally, the long awaited pull back arrived on Wall Street as the major indices pulled back and snapped a very strong 5-week win streak. The pullback began when a slew of commodities started falling as the US dollar rallied. Remember, commodity stocks led the way up so they are important to watch because…

Maintaining Watch Lists, why you should care

There’s a lot to be said for consistently keeping and maintaining watch lists. Maintaining watch lists will not only keep you prepared for when the market turns in your favor, it will also provide you with valuable insights into the overall health of the market.

3 Minute Market Wrap Up 03/18/2016

  Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to watch our 2nd “3 Minute Market Wrap Up” video!  We’re getting closer to keeping it down to 3 minutes but not quite there yet :-) In this video we discuss the following: $QQQ: perched below resistance ChartYourTrade MRI as a tell of whether or not […]