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This is one of those weeks where the weekend can’t come quick enough and I highly doubt I’m alone in this or need to explain further … but I will.

They say that what you do on the weekend is a true reflection of who you are.  I am a believer.

You see, what we “do” is a big part of us, so if you find yourself on Wednesday already occupied with thoughts of the weekend, you may need to re-evaluate what it is you do.  Yes, we all have those weeks, as I would guess a lot of traders are having as I write this.  Its Wednesday morning and I’m wishing it was Friday (markets closed for Good Friday), Yea!!! but most weekends I actually enjoy carving out time to do my market homework.

This is a weekend for observance, but first I’d like to share how I’ve been observing my dog over the past few days.  It gave me a glimpse into how the markets have been treating most of us as of late.  Sometimes he can be found lying on his back with his favorite toy clutched in his tiny paws as he makes little cooing sounds.  Then moments later he is hunting it and growling and ripping off its ears.  Remind you of something?  Well, that is how the market feels right now to me.  One minute I am securely in the green and the next I am swimming in a pool of red.  But at the end of the day, my dog is the unconditional lover pup … no harm no foul.  Not quite unconditional.  If you know anything about puppy training you know all the work and discipline that goes into assuring this unconditional love.  When we discipline our selves by following the rules we place on ourselves, or better yet, initiate the rules that Michael has put forth for us, we too, can usually come out the other side, no harm no foul.

But this weekend is different.  Not because of how wild the markets have been, but because this weekend is a weekend of observation.  Whether you observe Easter or Passover or simply the stars in the Universe, I would say that this is an opportunity to tune out what it is you “do” and simply just be.  Get out and enjoy nature, stimulating conversations with loved ones, even reevaluating some the conversations you’ve been having with yourself.  I know over the past few days some of my internal dialogue has not been all that healthy or positive.  So I am going to get out for mindless walks, truly listen to others instead of talking at them and yes, I may even get on the floor, lye on my back and make a few cooing sounds into my pillow, with my dog by my side, of course!

7-Day FREE Email Course

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