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If you recall, in the last post, I wrote about “doing your own thing!”

Well, this past week, I’ve had just the opportunity to do so.  You see, my husband and I are considering a move from Manhattan Beach to Carmel.  And while going up north to look at properties together would have been ideal, we refuse the idea of putting our pup in a boarding place.  I know, I know, there are very modern versions of a kennel these days but our pup is our baby, so the thought of doing so just doesn’t compute.

My husband and I have enjoyed traveling the world together, so when we made the decision to add a new member to our family, we knew going in that this would be something that would have to be put on the back burner.  However, this doesn’t mean we don’t get to travel.  We just do it on our own.  We each have had many wonderful solo trips and here’s the bonus: the coming home part can be just as much fun!  I know a lot of people go on vacation only to dread coming home.  I haven’t felt this way since I was a kid living in Ohio when my mom would take us to Florida for spring break and the last day of the trip was always filled with dread.  Nope, not now —- I love coming home!  But there are many reasons and years of living that have contributed to this, which you will find, I am happy to share.  But for now, back to my week of solitude (with the pup in tow).

Ok, so it’s not total solitude when you have a lil pup like mine.  He is one little lover, who craves attention, but even he enjoys his space.  As I sit and write this now, he is in his “cave,” a carved out area of my husband’s closet, where he goes to get away from it all.  I swear he has our DNA!

Where was I?  Oh yes, so what is a girl to do with 3 nights and 4 days to herself?

Well, I’ll admit, I did tell myself I wouldn’t do any trading, but come on, I’m a trader and that is what I like to do, so it stays on my list!  I’ve actually been using Michael’s approach he speaks of often and that is to “set it and forget it!”  You know what?  I’ve actually made more money this week with this approach than I do most weeks tied to my computer, watching every tick of the tape and trying to time my move.  I may have to do this more often.  Thanks, Mike!

space and clarity for trading successSpeaking of lists … I am also a “list” person.  I’ve been told that planning is only a form of procrastination, and while there is some truth to this, I find that the better prepared I am the “luckier” I get.  This definitely applies to trading!

I also told Mike I would not be writing posts for the time being, as I was just going to focus on writing my book.  But my book is all about creating a life you love, so here I am, writing this post, because like trading, writing about what inspires me in hopes of inspiring others is what I love to do.

I’m a bit envious that my husband gets to stay in a luxe hotel but there is a remedy to this as well.  This may not sound like much fun but I have also made the time to get some things done around the house that for some reason seem to get put off when we’re both home together.  This has made my solo time all the more relaxing.  Relaxing!?!  How can doing “chores” be relaxing?  Have you ever tried to relax when your office is cluttered?  I find cleaning not only cleansing for the mind but empowering.  Hmmm … maybe that’s another reason why my trades have worked out so smoothly as I have fewer distractions.  I do this the minute he leaves so I too can luxuriate in my luxed out abode.  This may be total fem stuff but I also put on fresh bed linens, and stock the fridge with all of MY favorite things to eat … a girl’s gotta eat, ya know!  The reason I get all of this out of the way early on is so I won’t be bothered later … you know, more time for the fun stuff!

I’ll share something “fun” that my husband and I do while one of us is away and that is, we only email (no calls) one another, unless it is an emergency, obviously.  Now you’re probably thinking, “what???”  Try it … when two people live their lives together day in and day out it is a given (hopefully) that you’ll do a lot of communicating.  And our relationship is no exception.  We love to sit and chat about all sorts of things, which I believe is a big contributing factor to our marriages’ success.  So, while one of us is away, we communicate sans phone.  Neither one of us like talking on the phone that much anyway so I suppose this makes it somewhat easier.  But here is the benefit:  our email exchanges sometimes read like two people who have just met and are falling in love.  I actually do fall in love with him all over again each time we’re apart for any length of time.  Emphasis on “length of time.”  I’m not that much of a hopeless romantic.  I wish I could share some of these back and forths with you but I don’t think Mason would appreciate it … guys are like that!  I sometimes go a whole day without speaking a word to anyone other than Jack (my pup), the barista at Starbucks or the cashier at Whole Foods.  Does screaming at the TV when I have it tuned in to CNBC count?  For as much as I am prone to do so, I guess the answer would be a resounding YES.

Another thing I do and that is, I don’t tell any of my friends that I’m going to be “solo.”  Every time I have in the past they want to get together.  I can do that when my husband is home.  I use this time to regroup.  But I’m not a total monk, so I do make a point to head out to a local watering hole where I will sit and maybe strike up a conversation with a total stranger —- those can be some of the most interesting convos.

Where is this all going?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just wanting to give you a little glimpse into this life of mine in the hopes that you too will feel free to share part of yours.  After all, the reason I am writing “Chart Your Life,” is primarily for the benefit of you.  I want to engage with you, the reader, the person who has come to ChartYourTrade for ideas and support regarding your trading.  Regarding me —- I want to be the person you may know and then come to for ideas and support in Charting Your Life.  Make no mistake —- what you share with me and this community will be a benefit not only for me but for all.  We all are so very different on so many levels, but I do believe there is a universal bond that we all share and that is we all want to make this life of ours the best experience possible.  I feel we do this not only by empowering ourselves but with the hope of by doing so, we empower others.

This just in:  my sister just emailed me to tell me her husband is going out of town for a week-long golf trip.  I was thrilled to think she was going to get to have some time to herself.  She is a big people pleaser which I know can be utterly draining.  Well, then as I read on, she said that she had invited a friend of hers to come stay with her.  Oh well, just goes to show that just because two people are born into the same family, it does not mean they have the same vision of what it is that lights that spark … I need solitude, she needs people, but we both need one another ~

Ok … let me know —- do you prefer solitude or company and WHY?


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