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Well, I am here to help … not with your trading, that’s Michael’s role, but as your “Chart Your Life” connection, I am going to take on the subject of digestion today and hopefully, along with Michael, we can help get you through this tumultuous time.

So, as I did with my piece on meditation, I will reference an article I find informative along with my personal highlights and takeaways.  You can find it by clicking here.

I’m a big fan of this blog, for all things “lifestyle.”

Let’s get started!

We all from time to time have issues with our digestion, but left untreated they can go from acute to chronic.  The reason I believe in getting in front of this sooner than later is because I am a big proponent of treating any health issue with natural remedies vs. allopathic medicine.

Nothing against the medical community, as there are times when there is no other option, but for the most part, we can be in control if we just take the time to understand the reason behind the symptom.  Treat the cause, not the symptom!


Key ways in which we can prevent our digestion from controlling our life (markets included):


Chew your food! 

I’m sure you’ve experienced eating a meal at your desk while trading.

Are you focusing on chewing?  I don’t think so.  When we’re consciously aware of our eating we not only chew our food, but we engage all of our senses, which goes a long way in aiding our digestion.


Eat whole foods. 

Kind of like $AMZN … I kid!  Yes, we all eat processed foods once in a while but if this is the exception and not the norm, your digestion will thank you.

My mother always made me eat a bite of sauerkraut every New Year’s day and I hated it.

But now that I know the benefits of fermented foods, I actually like the taste.  It’s amazing to me how once we know what certain foods do to our bodies, our perception will change (hopefully).  Fermented foods will regenerate your gut flora and every day I see more and more evidence that THIS is key to a healthy digestion which contributes to, well, everything!


Stay hydrated!!!

Ok, who doesn’t need a drink after the market closes every now and then?  And I’m not talking smoothies!  Many people are going sans alcohol these days for a variety of reasons and I salute them as I do all individual choices.  For me, while I drink infrequently, I do know the damage it can do to the liver and the liver plays a key role in your digestion.  In the article I referenced, you will find some supplementation that you may want to consider.

Stay hydrated!!!  I don’t think I need to say more here —- everywhere you turn, the benefits of drinking lots of water are front and center, and for good reason.  I personally like the fizzy kind because it is easy to drink in large quantities.

One way to muck up your digestion is letting your stress get out of control.  But traders don’t have much stress, right?  Right?  Oh… wrong profession!  Go back and reread the benefits of meditation.  Next …



Detoxing is touted as an effective way to get your digestion to reset but there is way too much info on this, in my opinion, to go into it in this post.  I do a detox on a regular basis, and am a big fan!



As far a supplements, I would say (based on my own experience) that probiotics are a must.

Other than that, I think the supporting info is iffy.  Just eat whole foods and you won’t need to spend all of your trading profits at the Vitamin Store!



Last but not least: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  There is so much information to digest (pun intended) but if you learn to actually listen to what your body is trying to tell you, that will help drown out the noise.


I hope this post wasn’t just noise and that it actually left you with some food for thought, Beth


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