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Are you an Environmentalist??

I’ve never considered myself a staunch environmentalist.  I eat meat (occasionally), wear leather (not fur) and I drive a car that runs on gasoline (gasp!!!).  However, I do subscribe to the minimalist lifestyle and do my best to try and leave as small a footprint as possible.  But we’re here to talk about is trading and how our environments directly impact our trading.


Our Health, Our Tribe, and Our Home

Today I want to talk about being a TRADING Environmentalist and how our unique Personal Environment can help us be successful in the market. 

In my mind, there are 3 specific parts of our environment:

  1. What we put into our bodies
  2. The people we surround ourselves with
  3. The space in which we live 

I suppose you could sum these up as the relationships we have with our health, our tribe, and our home.


Fitness and nutrition have been a passion of mine for many years.  Our physical health is most important in determining how we live out our lives.  It gives us the sustenance we need in order to “go all in,” to accomplish our goals, dreams, and vision.


Relationships… well, I don’t think I’m qualified to give advice on one’s love life, but I do know that once we make taking care of ourselves, on all levels, a priority, our relationships also seem to take care of themselves.  And if they don’t, we shouldn’t hesitate to end them.  That may sound harsh and easier said than done and I would agree, but life isn’t meant to always be easy, is it?


Home.  Don’t get me started… this is where I have been focusing most of my efforts as I write my book.  It is crazy how the correlation to health and home comes up again and again in all of my research.  Too many people dismiss the significance of this space.  It is often treated as someplace we come back to, after being out and about, accomplishing whatever it is we need to survive and thrive.  We come home, crash, and get up the next day to do it all over again.


Through experience and appreciation, I have come to view what I consider home vastly different.

You see, I spent most of my early adult life (20s & early 30s) with the mindset that once I got to where I wanted to be professionally, then everything else would fall into place. I would have the perfect body, the perfect relationships, the perfect place to call home. Life would just be all around FAB!!!  What’s not to love???  It turns out, a lot!  And it also turns out that $$$, while there is no question it can make life easier, does not equate to love.  Not love of self, love of others, nor does an extravagant home bring more joy than a home carefully curated.

Yep, it wasn’t until I turned my theory upside down and began focusing on the fundamentals: my health, the people who I wanted to share my life with and the space that I call home that true change occurred.  My professional life began to fire on all cylinders.  I actually found I could push less and accomplish more.  I find this to be true with trading as well.

Looking back, I think it all began once I found myself in a space that I created for me, by me.  This is what truly nourished my soul which then led to eating healthier and relating to others better and of course, the outcome being, accomplishing more of what I had set my sights on.  Yes, I was living alone at the time but this can be done even by carving out space within your own household that you can claim as your own. 

Many may not agree, but I think we all deep down have a need for solitude.  Some place that speaks to us without saying a word.  We can unwind, regroup and emerge all the more centered and in doing so, we put ourselves in a position to give.  If we don’t give to ourselves, we have nothing to give to others … and NO, it’s not selfish!

So, get going on creating your sacred space and please share, ask, comment … all of that good stuff — I want to hear from you!

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