10 Critical Rules for Investing

Trading Lessons  Year after year I use the same basic principles and methods, just apply them in different ways to suit the current market conditions.  One of the constants that never seems to change is human nature- how fear and greed guide the market action. Succumbing to either of these emotions often leads to financial […]

Sun Tzu’s Advice For Wall Street; Trading Is Like War

trading is like war

Trading is Like War The stock market is a war between buyers and sellers, who each want to take the others money. The stock market is rough, and if you don’t approach it with the disposition of an irritated general, you will lose. In the stock market, nice guys finish last. Sun Tzu’s “The Art […]

7 Ways to Take Emotion Out of Trading

7 ways to take emotion out of trading

Most traders have a hard time believing that they can make money by buying a stock and waiting… Most of us work for money, not the other way around. Go to a job, put in the time and you get a paycheck.   Work hard, your paychecks will grow. …But the thought that you can […]