10 Basic Thoughts & Rules on Trading

 This week, I share some basic thoughts and rules on trading: 1. Don’t apply logic to the stock market. So often I see people make decisions in the market on what makes sense to them.  It makes sense to buy stocks when the company insiders are buying. It makes sense to buy stocks that are […]

8 Trading Mistakes You Must Avoid

trading mistakes you must avoid

8 Trading Mistakes You Must Avoid Here is a list of eight mistakes that most of us make on the road to becoming a successful stock trader.  Avoid these and you will be well on your way.     1. Failing to Limit Losses I have not yet met someone who is always right in […]

Nicolas Darvas: Lessons From A Trading Legend

Every so often we like to re-read classic investing books.  One of my personal favorites is “How I Made Two Million Dollars in The Stock Market” by Nicolas Darvas.  This is an excellent story about how the market really works.  It illustrates how Darvas evolved as a trader.  Nicolas Darvas began like most of us with […]

5 Different Types Of Trades

#1 Reversals A key tool most successful traders use is a Trading Journal. The reason we keep journals is so we can easily go back and review past trades and figure out what went right, what went wrong, and attempt to figure out why. There are many different ways that you can keep your own […]