Focus on The Best Ideas

focus on the best ideas

Maintain a High Trading Standard There are approximately 15,000 actively traded stocks on the major North American stock markets. That gives investors looking for a stock to trade a lot of choices. Good traders respond to these varied alternatives by being selective with a focus on the best ideas. Struggling traders end up taking marginal […]

The 3 Ways A Market Can Move

There are only 3 ways a market can move: up, down, or sideways.   Trending Markets Move Up & Down Uptrends are known as bull markets. In the simplest sense uptrends occur when markets are moving up. The definition, of an uptrend varies depending on your time frame. A day trader tends to look at […]

Great Lessons from Wall Street Legends

great lessons from wall street legends

  Over the past decade, I have studied many of the legends of Wall Street and have noticed several overlapping similarities in their thinking. The following list outlines great lessons from wall street legends, regardless of their investment style or background (these are not in any particular order): Trade on what you see happening, not on what you think […]

Gambling vs Trading …the difference is in the long game

Gambling vs Trading? Many people think that trading the stock market is a form of gambling.  They think the markets of the world not much more than giant electronic casinos. For many who trade the market, gambling is exactly what they are doing.  For others, trading is not gambling and this week I want to […]