Top 10 Timeless Trading Tidbits

There are little tidbits of wisdom that I have picked up over my years; here is a list of some things that all traders should take to heart: 1. Don’t apply logic to the stock market So often I see people make decisions in the market on what makes sense to them. It makes sense […]

Top 10 Ways to Beat the Stock Market

I believe that making money in the market requires doing what is hard. Often, when your emotions are telling you to take one course of action, you have to go the other way. Here are 10 hard, but necessary, things to do if you want to beat the stock market.       Top 10 […]

Stocks Quiet Ahead Of The Hurricane | Week in Review 09/08/2017

Stocks Quiet Ahead Of The Hurricane The stock market remains very strong. The major indices slid last week but were quiet as the country waits for Hurricane Irma to hit Florida and parts of the East Coast.  Stepping back, the action remains healthy as the market continues to trade just below record highs and sellers […]