7 Ways to Take Emotion Out of Trading

7 ways to take emotion out of trading

Most traders have a hard time believing that they can make money by buying a stock and waiting… Most of us work for money, not the other way around. Go to a job, put in the time and you get a paycheck.   Work hard, your paychecks will grow. …But the thought that you can […]

Jobs Report – Why it matters and why you should care

jobs report

I was asked a very important question Friday morning by a very intelligent person…  Why does Wall Street care about the employment report?  This question inspired me to write this article.     Jobs Report – What is it? The first Friday of every month, the Labor Department releases its nonfarm payrolls report which illustrates […]

Week in Review: Bulls Defend Critical Support …06/23/2017

Bulls Defend Critical Support Stocks ended mostly higher last week after the bulls showed up and defended critical support. As we have said since the beginning of June, the 50-day moving average line is the critical line in the sand to watch for the major indices. It was encouraging to see that important level defended, […]

When to Sell a Stock – Technical vs Fundamental Approach

  When to Sell a Stock Selling your stocks at the right time is arguably the most challenging part of trading. …and it is fraught with emotions!   There are times when we are wrong and we must exit at a loss – that is hard!  There are times when we buy strong stocks that […]