11 Factors Needed For Being Successful In the Market

What’s Holding You Back? At times, making money in capital markets (stocks, commodities, etc) can be tough… very tough!   …What separates the winners from the losers? This is the million… no, Billion dollar question! There are many reasons why some investors/traders succeed, and others fail. Here are the top 11 factors that have personally […]

Trading Math… Don’t Let Statistics Fool You

It’s easy to get fooled by statistics. Don’t let trading math fool you! The most important thing you need to win at trading is compounding your wins. In order to do that, you must keep your losses small!

Biotechs are looking interesting here… 06/05/2017

Biotechs are on the move… Check out the biotechs group in the chart above (the biotech ETF is ticker IBB). It is quietly starting to set up and getting ready to make a move. On Wednesday 5/31 it found support at the 200dma and reversed off of it on heavy volume, closing near the highs of […]

Week in Review: Another Record Setting Week on Wall Street… 06/03/2017

The major averages remain exceptionally strong as the market simply refuses to decline in any significant fashion. Comey is set to testify next week and that is the next big wild card for the market. In the short term, last month’s lows are the next level of support to watch, then the 50 DMA line […]