Week in Review: Stocks on Thin Ice as Earnings Season Begins… 10/08/2016

Stocks fell last week after the jobs report missed estimates for the second straight month and more and more areas appear to be either rolling over or getting in trouble.  Around mid-day on Friday, after the Dow was down a little over 100 points, Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, came out juiced […]

Week-In-Review: Stocks End Month Mixed; Quarter Higher… 09/30/2016

Stocks ended mixed in September and higher for the quarter.  Volatility, which had been muted since Brexit, jumped last month as stocks traded all over the map. At this point, the big take-away is the Fed (and other central banks) stepped in for the umpteenth time and did their best to juice stocks.  On September 9th, […]

Week-In-Review: Central Banks Juice Stocks Again… 09/24/2016

Stocks rallied last week after global central banks juiced markets – for the umpteenth time. Eventually, markets will stop reacting well to all the easy money being injected into the system, but we are not there just yet. The market remains relatively split as the Nasdaq 100 hit a fresh record high last week while […]