Facts Will Make You Money, Not Headlines


Contrary to most people, I am not glued to my screen all day and do not read every headline that crosses the wire. Instead, I prefer to only read one headline… The MARKET.

I make my best decisions when the markets are closed, typically nights or the weekend. This process allows me to remove my emotions from the decision-making process, create a plan for the week and then let the market guide me in and/or out. 

Facts will make you money, not headinesThe Market is Speaking.  Are you Listening?

I do my best to drown out all the noise and distractions out there and instead focus on the tape.  I like to say that the market is speaking.  Are you listening? For me, it is tough to listen to the 24/7 daily news and the market at the same time. The news typically wins because it is non-stop and real people are speaking. The market is very quiet and doesn’t say a word. My job is to listen, interpret what I see happening, and adjust my positions when the facts change.

Facts Matter, Headlines Don’t.

Don’t let the latest headlines scare you. It is very easy to get caught up in the fear or daily headline.  Avoid the temptation!  Think about all the negative headlines the market has digested over the years.  Meanwhile, the S&P 500 continues to make new highs.  That said, what is more important… the facts or the latest headline?


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