Don’t Let the Market Treat You Like a CHEW TOY

IS IT THE WEEKEND YET !!!???!!!   This is one of those weeks where the weekend can’t come quick enough and I highly doubt I’m alone in this or need to explain further … but I will. They say that what you do on the weekend is a true reflection of who you are.  I […]


Are you an Environmentalist?? I’ve never considered myself a staunch environmentalist.  I eat meat (occasionally), wear leather (not fur) and I drive a car that runs on gasoline (gasp!!!).  However, I do subscribe to the minimalist lifestyle and do my best to try and leave as small a footprint as possible.  But we’re here to […]

Tune Out the Noise

Graceful.  Nope —- it’s not a typo… I didn’t mean to write: Grateful.  Although, that is something you will find me writing A LOT about!  Today I want to focus on gracefulness. Grace comes not only from exuding self-assured confidence but also from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.  But is it possible to be vulnerable […]

Learn to Trade with Zen

So cliche but … Body — Mind — Spirit … stuff is REAL!!! Given this opportunity to write this column, I want to focus on 3 areas of Life : Body — Mind — Spirit and how these contribute individually to our successful performance as well as how they’re all so intertwined.  We can learn […]