Meditation might be the SECRET SAUCE of Successful Trading

  You’ve probably heard me mention this a few times, but something that has helped both my trading as well as my everyday is is meditation.   I was very skeptical of meditation at first and thought it was a waste of time. Sitting there…just focusing on breathing… doing this for 15 minutes or so […]

Social Impact – How those closest to us can effect our trading

How those closest to us can effect our trading

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is the relationships traders have with their loved ones and how those closest to us can effect our trading. In an earlier post, I admitted that I am not qualified to give you advice regarding your love life, but I do know a thing or two about […]


THIS MARKET IS GIVING ME INDIGESTION!!! Raise your hand if you are thinking: SAME!!!   Well, I am here to help … not with your trading, that’s Michael’s role, but as your “Chart Your Life” connection, I am going to take on the subject of digestion today and hopefully, along with Michael, we can help […]

Meditation can help our trading performance

Ahhh … meditation I know Michael is a big proponent of meditating and has spoken about how this has had a profound impact on his overall well-being.  So I, being one to have never quite been able to make this a regular practice of my own, decided to do a little research. Max Lugavere just […]