How those closest to us can effect our trading

Social Impact – How those closest to us can effect our trading

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is the relationships traders have with their loved ones and how those closest to us can effect our trading.

In an earlier post, I admitted that I am not qualified to give you advice regarding your love life, but I do know a thing or two about loving the life we create for ourselves. Our loved ones can either contribute or detract from our ability to live a life we love.  But ultimately, it’s up to us!  So, why not invest some time in understanding how these dynamics can work in your favor for the benefit of all!

It doesn’t matter your gender, but as much as it pains me to say this, I believe the majority of people who earn their living as a trader are most likely to be of the male persuasion.  I do hope this continues to change as it has been proven that women tend to be better investors.

See for yourself:

I tend to think like a guy so this doesn’t always work in my favor ;  )

I like to take risks but am getting better at managing this predisposition (Thanks, Mike!).

Here’s what I have learned from my own personal experience and think this can be applicable if you’re a guy whose girlfriend is demanding more “us” time (sorry if this sounds sexist or politically incorrect) or if you’re a woman whose guy is just not into getting out and about when you’re feeling as if the walls are closing in on you.

There’s a solution that will actually enhance your relationship, and it doesn’t require logging in to the Ashley Madison app. ;  )*

We all could benefit by re-learning to entertain ourselves.  No dating app required, just some creativity and a bit of self-confidence, which you will find increases exponentially as you begin this process.

Have you ever felt rejected when your attempts to spend time with someone were met with less than excitement?  I have, but once I rephrased it and put the emphasis on me and not blaming or berating the other, I had to admit, why would someone want to spend their precious free time with me if I didn’t want to spend a few hours alone with myself?

Now, I’ll admit, this really hasn’t been much of an issue for me (I enjoy my solitude) but I hear this a lot from family members, friends, and even strangers who are venting to one another, to know this is issue exists.

Chart Your Trade is unique in its approach to the markets (adding value where most just tout stats that seem to always work in their favor —- all the pundits seem to be short stocks on a down day and long when the market is up).  One reason I enjoy writing for Michael’s platform is the fact that I too tend to be unique in the way I view the many facets of this thing we call “life.”  More specifically, what makes a strong relationship.

Social Impact - How those closest to us can effect our tradingHere is an example that many may not comprehend (trust me, my family still scratches their head).  My husband (also very independent, thankfully) and I added the quote, “let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of heaven dance between you,” by Khalil Gebran, to our wedding vows and to this day have done our best to honor this.  Granted, I was 20 years younger at the time and was just coming into the concept, but am grateful for having this guidance as it has served not only me but our relationship well.

It’s not always easy to “do your own thing,” when you’re in a relationship but it is always worth it and can be a real game changer!  It will take you out of your comfort zone.  Heck, if comfort is what I witness most nights while I’m out on a date with my husband, I’ll order anything but what they’re having!  We look around and most couples are face planted into their phones while we’re enjoying one another.  It tells me I’m doing something right by stepping outside of the “zone.”


So, are you ready to give this some thought?  If not, here are some reasons to re-think it:


I’ve always believed that the level of freedom you achieve in life is relative to the level of “success” you have attained.  I’m not talking finances, although that is one measure.  I’m thinking freedom to be yourself.  Spending some time with yourself allows you to remember who exactly you are.  You are doing what you want, where you want without the need to “check-in” to see if the person your with is enjoying the experience.  We all forget from time to time what it is we actually enjoy as our needs and wants can’t help but be influenced by those around us.  And this isn’t entirely a bad thing.  Relationships are give and take.  But those who truly love you, love you for who you are not who you think they want you to be.  So, go be YOU.  Your partner will thank me!


Many of us are finding with all of the responsibilities we take on as we get older (jobs, spouses, kids) that there is precious time to exert our independence. Well, I for one, can tell you as a child raised by a single mother (my father died when I was 2) that seeing my mom run our family business and still make time for herself, only left me with a profound sense of respect for her.  She never apologized for what it was she was doing and that led to our believing that whatever she was doing was for the best, for all.  And looking back, it was.  She led a very full life and instilled in us a desire to do the same.


When you fall into a pattern of “being a couple,” with or without realizing it, you become just part of the narrative. We each have our own unique outlook, preferences, thoughts and memories to keep alive.  And when we spend time shaping our individual way we relate to the world, we keep ourselves alive.  This allows our relationship as a couple to stay alive.  No one wants to be “married” to themselves.  We want to be encouraged, challenged, and rewarded with the uniqueness of another.  Both people who create this “couple” will emerge much more interesting … not only to the other but to one’s self.


As traders, our role gives us plenty of freedom, we act independently and I know you think this “job” is interesting or you wouldn’t go through all of the work it takes to excel at this, so give yourself the same respect you show your craft and when the markets close go out and

Do “you” … it will make up for the feeling, as I succumb to on occasion, of being a slave to the markets!



Raise your hand if you are thinking: SAME!!!


Well, I am here to help … not with your trading, that’s Michael’s role, but as your “Chart Your Life” connection, I am going to take on the subject of digestion today and hopefully, along with Michael, we can help get you through this tumultuous time.

So, as I did with my piece on meditation, I will reference an article I find informative along with my personal highlights and takeaways.  You can find it by clicking here.

I’m a big fan of this blog, for all things “lifestyle.”

Let’s get started!

We all from time to time have issues with our digestion, but left untreated they can go from acute to chronic.  The reason I believe in getting in front of this sooner than later is because I am a big proponent of treating any health issue with natural remedies vs. allopathic medicine.

Nothing against the medical community, as there are times when there is no other option, but for the most part, we can be in control if we just take the time to understand the reason behind the symptom.  Treat the cause, not the symptom!


Key ways in which we can prevent our digestion from controlling our life (markets included):


Chew your food! 

I’m sure you’ve experienced eating a meal at your desk while trading.

Are you focusing on chewing?  I don’t think so.  When we’re consciously aware of our eating we not only chew our food, but we engage all of our senses, which goes a long way in aiding our digestion.


Eat whole foods. 

Kind of like $AMZN … I kid!  Yes, we all eat processed foods once in a while but if this is the exception and not the norm, your digestion will thank you.

My mother always made me eat a bite of sauerkraut every New Year’s day and I hated it.

But now that I know the benefits of fermented foods, I actually like the taste.  It’s amazing to me how once we know what certain foods do to our bodies, our perception will change (hopefully).  Fermented foods will regenerate your gut flora and every day I see more and more evidence that THIS is key to a healthy digestion which contributes to, well, everything!


Stay hydrated!!!

Ok, who doesn’t need a drink after the market closes every now and then?  And I’m not talking smoothies!  Many people are going sans alcohol these days for a variety of reasons and I salute them as I do all individual choices.  For me, while I drink infrequently, I do know the damage it can do to the liver and the liver plays a key role in your digestion.  In the article I referenced, you will find some supplementation that you may want to consider.

Stay hydrated!!!  I don’t think I need to say more here —- everywhere you turn, the benefits of drinking lots of water are front and center, and for good reason.  I personally like the fizzy kind because it is easy to drink in large quantities.

One way to muck up your digestion is letting your stress get out of control.  But traders don’t have much stress, right?  Right?  Oh… wrong profession!  Go back and reread the benefits of meditation.  Next …



Detoxing is touted as an effective way to get your digestion to reset but there is way too much info on this, in my opinion, to go into it in this post.  I do a detox on a regular basis, and am a big fan!



As far a supplements, I would say (based on my own experience) that probiotics are a must.

Other than that, I think the supporting info is iffy.  Just eat whole foods and you won’t need to spend all of your trading profits at the Vitamin Store!



Last but not least: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  There is so much information to digest (pun intended) but if you learn to actually listen to what your body is trying to tell you, that will help drown out the noise.


I hope this post wasn’t just noise and that it actually left you with some food for thought, Beth

Meditation can help our trading performance

Ahhh … meditation

I know Michael is a big proponent of meditating and has spoken about how this has had a profound impact on his overall well-being.  So I, being one to have never quite been able to make this a regular practice of my own, decided to do a little research.

Max Lugavere, author of “Genius Foods

Max Lugavere just published his book, “Genius Foods,” which got my attention because I’m always looking for diet hacks that relate to the brain.  The brain’s connection to our gut is probably one of the key factors that people who struggle with their health fail to understand.

You can access the article on meditation here.

Just to back track a little, I do practice my gratitude meditation every morning before I get out of bed.  However, that isn’t quite the same as going deep and doing the real thing.


Benefits Meditation will have on our trading…

Grab your cushion, light a candle, maybe even some incense and assume the cross-legged position (kidding!).

Meditation leads to better health

Meditation leads to better health, both mental and physical. It reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, and even slows the aging process —- sign me up!

Meditation helps reduce anxiety

Meditation improves anxiety, depression and stress.  I know that trading can lead to all three when we feel out of control but I’m guessing if we take the time, and it doesn’t take much, to get our meditation in we will be able to handle those down days much easier.

Meditation helps grow our brains!

Meditation actually grows the size of your brain!  And in this case, size matters …

Doctors used to think that adults were unable to grow new brain cells (neurogenesis).  Now this theory has been proven wrong (thankfully!)  But it gets better.  It has been shown that practicing meditation actually encourages this process along with improving your concentration and memory (some trades, I’d like to forget ;  )  I know they say that it doesn’t really matter how “smart” you are if you follow your own trading rules and believe me, I know people who have been very successful in the market that I wouldn’t consider to be rocket scientists, but who can argue that improving your intellect is a bad thing when managing your money???

People who practiced only 3 months of meditation or musical exposure (remember my piece on the violinist?) saw improved attention, executive function, processing speed, sleep, mood, sleep, and overall quality of life.  Your “Chart Your Life” score will be, well, off the charts!


Another benefit is that meditation is instrumental in helping people to break bad habits.

You know, like thinking we’re smarter than the market and making moves that can wipe us out quicker than it takes to practice a meditation or two.  Just sayin’.


So There you have it … now it’s up to you to figure out which method is best for you or which app you think you may find most effective.  Or, just do what I’m going to do and keep it simple.

No cushion, no crossed legs, maybe a candle … just simply “watching” my breath while letting my thoughts flow overhead while I slip into my OMMM.


Let me know which method or app you find works for you.

Don’t Let the Market Treat You Like a CHEW TOY



This is one of those weeks where the weekend can’t come quick enough and I highly doubt I’m alone in this or need to explain further … but I will.

They say that what you do on the weekend is a true reflection of who you are.  I am a believer.

You see, what we “do” is a big part of us, so if you find yourself on Wednesday already occupied with thoughts of the weekend, you may need to re-evaluate what it is you do.  Yes, we all have those weeks, as I would guess a lot of traders are having as I write this.  Its Wednesday morning and I’m wishing it was Friday (markets closed for Good Friday), Yea!!! but most weekends I actually enjoy carving out time to do my market homework.

This is a weekend for observance, but first I’d like to share how I’ve been observing my dog over the past few days.  It gave me a glimpse into how the markets have been treating most of us as of late.  Sometimes he can be found lying on his back with his favorite toy clutched in his tiny paws as he makes little cooing sounds.  Then moments later he is hunting it and growling and ripping off its ears.  Remind you of something?  Well, that is how the market feels right now to me.  One minute I am securely in the green and the next I am swimming in a pool of red.  But at the end of the day, my dog is the unconditional lover pup … no harm no foul.  Not quite unconditional.  If you know anything about puppy training you know all the work and discipline that goes into assuring this unconditional love.  When we discipline our selves by following the rules we place on ourselves, or better yet, initiate the rules that Michael has put forth for us, we too, can usually come out the other side, no harm no foul.

But this weekend is different.  Not because of how wild the markets have been, but because this weekend is a weekend of observation.  Whether you observe Easter or Passover or simply the stars in the Universe, I would say that this is an opportunity to tune out what it is you “do” and simply just be.  Get out and enjoy nature, stimulating conversations with loved ones, even reevaluating some the conversations you’ve been having with yourself.  I know over the past few days some of my internal dialogue has not been all that healthy or positive.  So I am going to get out for mindless walks, truly listen to others instead of talking at them and yes, I may even get on the floor, lye on my back and make a few cooing sounds into my pillow, with my dog by my side, of course!


Are you an Environmentalist??

I’ve never considered myself a staunch environmentalist.  I eat meat (occasionally), wear leather (not fur) and I drive a car that runs on gasoline (gasp!!!).  However, I do subscribe to the minimalist lifestyle and do my best to try and leave as small a footprint as possible.  But we’re here to talk about is trading and how our environments directly impact our trading.


Our Health, Our Tribe, and Our Home

Today I want to talk about being a TRADING Environmentalist and how our unique Personal Environment can help us be successful in the market. 

In my mind, there are 3 specific parts of our environment:

  1. What we put into our bodies
  2. The people we surround ourselves with
  3. The space in which we live 

I suppose you could sum these up as the relationships we have with our health, our tribe, and our home.


Fitness and nutrition have been a passion of mine for many years.  Our physical health is most important in determining how we live out our lives.  It gives us the sustenance we need in order to “go all in,” to accomplish our goals, dreams, and vision.


Relationships… well, I don’t think I’m qualified to give advice on one’s love life, but I do know that once we make taking care of ourselves, on all levels, a priority, our relationships also seem to take care of themselves.  And if they don’t, we shouldn’t hesitate to end them.  That may sound harsh and easier said than done and I would agree, but life isn’t meant to always be easy, is it?


Home.  Don’t get me started… this is where I have been focusing most of my efforts as I write my book.  It is crazy how the correlation to health and home comes up again and again in all of my research.  Too many people dismiss the significance of this space.  It is often treated as someplace we come back to, after being out and about, accomplishing whatever it is we need to survive and thrive.  We come home, crash, and get up the next day to do it all over again.


Through experience and appreciation, I have come to view what I consider home vastly different.

You see, I spent most of my early adult life (20s & early 30s) with the mindset that once I got to where I wanted to be professionally, then everything else would fall into place. I would have the perfect body, the perfect relationships, the perfect place to call home. Life would just be all around FAB!!!  What’s not to love???  It turns out, a lot!  And it also turns out that $$$, while there is no question it can make life easier, does not equate to love.  Not love of self, love of others, nor does an extravagant home bring more joy than a home carefully curated.

Yep, it wasn’t until I turned my theory upside down and began focusing on the fundamentals: my health, the people who I wanted to share my life with and the space that I call home that true change occurred.  My professional life began to fire on all cylinders.  I actually found I could push less and accomplish more.  I find this to be true with trading as well.

Looking back, I think it all began once I found myself in a space that I created for me, by me.  This is what truly nourished my soul which then led to eating healthier and relating to others better and of course, the outcome being, accomplishing more of what I had set my sights on.  Yes, I was living alone at the time but this can be done even by carving out space within your own household that you can claim as your own. 

Many may not agree, but I think we all deep down have a need for solitude.  Some place that speaks to us without saying a word.  We can unwind, regroup and emerge all the more centered and in doing so, we put ourselves in a position to give.  If we don’t give to ourselves, we have nothing to give to others … and NO, it’s not selfish!

So, get going on creating your sacred space and please share, ask, comment … all of that good stuff — I want to hear from you!

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