Run your own race – How ignoring opinions will help your trading

run your own race

In order for us to get to the next level of our trading, whatever that may be, we need to forget about what others think and we need to not get caught up in what other people are doing (or claim to be doing).   How other people’s opinions hurt you… Have you ever fell into […]

The Rules Change In A Bear Market

Given the recent market conditions, I’ve been increasingly asked “how do you navigate a bear market?”  It’s important to remember that the rules change in a bear market.  Even though we aren’t there yet, it is always good to educate and prepare well in advance.  Here’s what I do:     Understand that cash is […]

The Perception of Fundamentals Matter

The Perception of Fundamentals Matter

The Perception of Fundamentals Matter What moves a stock’s price? At the most basic level it is Information.  Unfortunately, life is not that simple.  Arguably, one of the most important market moving components is not the actual data but the perception of the data that matters.  It is the perception of fundamentals that determines stock […]

7 Questions To Ask BEFORE Buying a Stock

It is sometimes difficult to know where to begin when deciding whether a stock is worth purchasing or not. Here are 7 questions that I think everyone should ask before buying a stock, as well as what I look for when answering the questions in the most basic form.   1. Is The Market In […]