Stocks Stall Below Major Resistance

Several important areas of the market, that had been leading for months, are now in “pullback mode” as we enter the heart of earnings season. Some of the recent leading areas such as: Defensive stocks, Consumer Staples, Food, Beverage and Utility stocks…

Triple Top or Double Bottom? Analyzing the S&P 500… 04/19/2016

The monthly chart of the S&P 500 can be viewed as both bullish and bearish. The bulls will point to an imminent breakout from a double bottom base while the bears will call this a potential triple top. This article will discuss which way the scales are tipping.

Stocks Sit Below Major Resistance As Earnings Season Begins

  Stocks rallied last week as the bulls sent the major indices above important areas of resistance and within striking distance of fresh record highs. Most of the big financials rallied last week after reporting crummy numbers. This reinforces our point about focusing on the reaction, not the actual numbers. Corporate earnings are expected to […]

Stocks End Historic Quarter Higher 04/02/2016

Stocks remain very strong as the bulls continue to defend the short term 10 day-moving-average line for the major indices. The big news last week and last quarter is that easy money from global central banks is here to stay. For now, stocks continue to worship easy money and until that changes, the bulls are […]