Stocks Pullback On Political Headlines | Week in Review 03/16/2018

It has been a very busy time in D.C. In the last few weeks, Trump placed tariffs on Steel and Aluminium, said he may hit China with tariffs, then replaced his: Chief Economic Advisor, The Secretary Of State, The Head of the CIA, and his National Security Advisor might be next.  If that wasn’t enough, the […]

Selfless Trading

Michael recently did a Twitter survey where he asked if a trader was happy or upset in relation to their wins/losses (yes, we all have losses, even though you won’t find many tweets acknowledging such ;  ) He was surprised that the majority admitted to being upset by a loss in their portfolio.  I was […]

Chart Your LIFE – Intro

Hi!  I’m Beth Marconi, investor / trader, people empowerer and certified nutritional consultant.   Please be on the lookout for a new column here ChartYourTrade… Chart Your Life by Design!   This all came about as I had spent some time earlier with Michael (see his review here:   At the moment I have been focusing on […]

A little Patience PAYS BIG! | Week in Review 03/09/2018

Bull Market Turns 9, Correction Ends As Nasdaq Hits New High So that was fast! The latest correction is now pretty much over as the Nasdaq Composite and Nasdaq 100 both hit fresh record highs on Friday. The other popular averages are only a few percentage points below their record highs but are quickly marching […]