When To Raise Your Stop Loss

When trading, it is important to progressively reduce your risk.  Knowing when to push the proverbial SELL button is crucial.   We must understand that in order to win, we need to compound our returns over time.  If we don’t have good sell stops and we take bigger losses, these losses will work against us exponentially.  […]

Tax Cut Sparks Big Rally On Wall Street | Week in Review 12/22/2017

  Santa Comes Early; Tax Cut Sparks Big Rally On Wall Street The major indices continued to trade near record highs as 2017 winds down. So far, 2017 is on track to be the strongest year since 2013.  The U.S. economy is the largest its ever been in history and continues to grow. Last week, […]

How I See Markets

Infinite Opportunities: Those of you who know me know that I focus heavily on leading stocks. Why? Because by definition, leading stocks out-perform the market. So my chances for success are skewed in my favor when I focus on leading stocks. That is one tool in my tool box but not the only tool. I […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE I Started Trading

When I first started trading, I made every mistake you can think of.  It took me a while, but after years of experience and being consistently successful, I figured out a process that can help save time and money. Here are the Top 5 Things I wish I know BEFORE I Started Trading: 1) Identify your Goals and Lifestyle: When we […]