November 17, 2017

What Is This “Dip” You Speak Of? | Week in Review 11-17-2017

The market remains VERY strong!  The fact that the latest pullback literally only lasted one week speaks volumes to how strong the bulls are right now. […]
November 16, 2017

How Successful Traders Effectively Manage Fear and Greed

The two most dominant emotions that drive markets across the globe are fear and greed.  These emotions have remained constant throughout history, and will always be present in […]
November 14, 2017

Top 4 Reasons Why Traders Should Consider ETF’s

1)An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a relatively new instrument that trades like a stock and has changed the way capital is being deployed on Wall Street. […]
November 10, 2017

Stocks Snap 8 Week Win Streak | Week in Review 11/10/2017

Remember ladies and gentlemen, stocks do not go up forever!  Even in very strong bull markets (present market included) it’s perfectly normal and healthy to see […]


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